Connecting the Dots

by Joe David

Call the enemy what you like – radicals, fundamentalists, Islamic terrorists, jihadists, or just plain Muslims. Connect the dots to their past activities, and you will uncover a disturbing pattern: a fanatical commitment to eliminating infidels.

Some of you may recall the American Embassy bombings (in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and in Nairobi, Kenya), and the brutal killings of innocent Westerners (Wall Street Journal Reporter Daniel Pearl, Businessman Nick Berg, and American Helicopter Engineer Paul Johnson). For those who don’t here are a few highlights from the 50 past you may recall, which should help connect the dots.

  • The murder of Robert Kennedy by a Palestinian national, Sirhan Sirhan (1968);
  • The eleven Israeli athletes murdered during the Munich Olympic games by Palestinians (1972);
  • The Beirut barracks’ massacre led by Hezbollah that killed several hundred military members (1983);
  • The Lockerbie, Scotland, bombing of a Pan American flight by Libyan terrorists, which killed 271 victims (1988);
  • The September 11th coordinated attack of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon by al-Qaeda, which resulted in about 3,000 deaths and $10 billion in property damages (2001);
  • The shooting of 13 soldiers and the injuring of about 30 others at Fort Hood military base by a psychiatrist, shouting Allahu Akbar! (Allah is great) (2009);
  • The savage murder of the U.S. Ambassador and several others in Benghazi, Libya by jihadists (2012);
  • The Boston Marathon bombings, planned by two Chechen brothers, which killed 3 and injured 260 (2013);
  • And the kidnapping of about 230 Nigerian school girls by the Islamic terrorists, Boko Haram (2014).

History is replete with many more examples. Open your history books, the ones which haven’t been rewritten by revisionists, and this is what you will uncover:

  • In 622 AD, Mohamed, a camel driver, saw the light. It was revealed to him through the divine voice of Gabriel while he was in a religious trance, worshipping in a cave.  From 622 AD until his death in 632 AD, Mohamed followed this light and inspired others to do the same. During the subsequent wars, designed to expand Mohamed’s control in the Arabian Peninsula, he and his followers slaughtered non-believers, kidnapped women and children, and stole their land and gold.
  • After his death, his followers continued in his footsteps. Through war, they spread Islam beyond the borders of the Arabian Peninsula into India, North Africa, and even Spain.
  • In 732 AD, Charles Martel halted Muslim advances into Europe during the Battle of Tours, France. This defeat in Europe, though, didn’t end Islamic expansion; the Muslims continued to crush the infidels in other areas of the world, taking advantage of every opportunity available to them to murder and enslave.
  • By the 9th century, they had conquered Syria, Palestine, Persia, and Egypt. They had a strong foothold across Northern Africa to Spain and Portugal. And they had defeated the Byzantine fleets and took control of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • In 1095, Pope Urban II became concerned about the Christians slaughtered during their pilgrimages to the Holy Lands. Determined to protect them and the Byzantine Empire’s influence in the area, he organized the support of European Christians and in 1096 proclaimed the first Crusade. The Crusades ended in 1291 with the Muslims controlling the Holy Lands until World War I.
  • In the 1890s, Abdul Hamid II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, savagely killed 300,000 Christians who dared to rebel against his enslavement of them. His actions, which received international attention, but no sanctions from the West, earned for him the title the Red Sultan.
  • During World War I, the Young Turks attempted to revive the decaying Ottoman Empire by creating a Turkey just for the Turks. What resulted was the savage genocide of millions of Christians. It is generally believed – though Turkish scholars and sympathizers will deny it – that this genocide inspired Hitler’s actions during World War II against the Jews. (The Infidels by Joe David, a well-researched novel on World War I, focuses on this genocide from the Assyrians’ point of view.)

During their wars and attacks against disbelievers, the Muslim method for eliminating infidels were often cruel and barbaric. In the book The Armenian Genocide, edited by Richard Hovannisian, Armenian scholar, Anahit Khosroeva writes the following about the World War I massacre:

The skulls of small children were smashed with rocks; the bodies of girls and women, who resisted rape or conversion into Moslems, were chopped into pieces live; men were mostly beheaded or thrown into the nearby river; the clergy, monks and nuns were skinned or burned live.

To achieve success in battle, the Muslims developed a system for rebuilding their military force. It was not uncommon for them to abduct young boys, often while still in their early teens, sometimes even younger, brainwash them and turn them into soldiers; pubescent girls were frequently used as whores for both pleasure and procreation. Any Christian captured who refused to convert by pronouncing Shahada, accepting the faith, were either killed in the most savage way imaginable or left to live in a Dar al-Harb (an abode of War).  In these abodes, they were reduced to dhimmi, non-Muslim citizens, denied personal rights and burdened with heavy taxes. In short, they were slaves to their captors.

In an article entitled “Genocide in the Middle East: The Ottoman Empire, Iraq, and Sudan” (published Carolina Academic Press), Professor Hannibal Travis reveals the methods the Turks used to imprint their culture on Northern Cyprus after the invasion of 1974.

The Turks ethnically cleansed the north of the island, village by village . . . . Thousands of Turkish peasants were brought in from mainland Turkey to the New Turkish Republic of North Cyprus to take the place of the displaced Greeks . . . . The destruction of Greek heritages was an insurance against . . . (an) identifiably Greek . . . zone . . . .  In the months and years following (the invasion), all but a handful of northern Cyprus’s 502 Greek Orthodox churches, some of Byzantine origin, were vandalized, looted, demolished or put to a new uses including as mosques, stables, latrines, stores and a cinema . . . . The destruction was methodical . . .

(It was) so methodical and so widespread that (it) amount(ed) to the institutionalized obliteration of everything sacred to the Greek.

In reviewing the past, it is true, the Christians had committed their share of sins against man. During the Crusades, for example, enflamed by outrageous propaganda, Crusaders brutally murdered their share of Jews; also, during the Dark Ages, there was the Inquisition in Spain and the barbaric actions of Charlemagne while cleansing Europe of certain Christian groups. But of these atrocities, none have equaled what the Islamic army had consistently done – and is doing to this day.

Much of this information is easy to verify. Unfortunately, few western leaders willingly discuss it openly. For whatever reason, they either ignore it or dismiss it with political rhetoric. If this blindness to history continues, terrorism will become a way of life, which will eventually plunge the civilized world into a Dark Age, in which Sharia Law in all its madness will rule supreme.

To understand why so little has changed over the years, why the pattern and goal remains the same with Muslims, you must turn to their Koran for answers. The most quoted verse is Sura 9:5 (kill the disbelievers wherever you find them). Other verses worthy of note can be found throughout the book (Suras 4:84, 9:73, 9:123, etc.). Such encouragement has given Orthodox Muslims the justification they need to fight. Their reward for such action is an afterlife in a Garden Paradise served by maidens. Although Western sympathizers defend the Muslims in general by pointing to those who have joined the mainstream of Western Civilization, none of these sympathizers will seriously acknowledge the possibility that many of them may be cells, ready to become human bombs at a moment’s notice.

Although it can be argued, and rightly, that not all Muslims are terrorists, the numbers that are terrorists are quite alarming. Conservative figures, for example, claim about 7 percent of the 2 billion Muslims around the world are jihadists; that’s about 140 million warriors for Allah. If you accept the figure that 25 percent of the Muslim population have admitted support of jihadist activities, the number of jihadists increases to about 500 million. Give them the atomic bomb, and you will have a conflagration you will never forget.

Some world leaders by ignoring the past would like us to believe that Islam is a religion of peace, but nothing about their history suggests this. The Muslims have demonstrated repeatedly that Islam is a political ideology, disguised as a religion, committed to eliminating infidels. Anyone doubting this needs a fact-based history lesson.


Joe David is the author of The Infidels, a moving story about the World War I genocide against Christians led by the Turks, recently published by Thames River Press (London). His other writings include The Fire Within and Teacher of the Year and numerous articles for magazines and newspapers.

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