While DHS Defies Court Order on Amnesty, ISIS Lone Wolfe Threat Grows!

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s inexplicable bias toward illegal aliens and Islamic terrorists continues to be manifest in untoward government policies that threaten the sovereignty and homeland security of our blessed nation and we the people.

As reported at reference 1, the Obama administration has once again been forced to explain actions which are in direct defiance of a court order which restricts Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Order on amnesty:

For the second time this year, the Department of Justice lawyers had to explain to U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen why the Department of Homeland Security ignored the judge’s wishes and began to implement President Obama’s executive order granting amnesty to approximately 5,000,000 illegal immigrants.
President Obama’s lawyers admitted to a federal judge late Thursday that they had broken the court’s injunction halting the administration’s new deportation amnesty, issuing thousands of work permits even after Judge Andrew S. Hanen had ordered the program stopped.
The stunning admission, filed just before midnight in Texas, where the case is being heard, is the latest misstep for the administration’s lawyers, who are facing possible sanctions by Judge Hanen for their continued problems in arguing the case.
The Justice Department lawyers said Homeland Security, which is the defendant in the case, told them Wednesday that an immigration agency had approved about 2,000 applications for three-year work permits, which was part of Mr. Obama’s new amnesty, even after Judge Hanen issued his Feb. 16 injunction halting the entire program.”

While DHS lawyers were deliberately defying Judge Hanen’s orders on Obama’s illegal amnesty, DHS is failing to do its job in securing America from ISIS threats within our borders.

As reported at reference 2:

Homeland Security Secretary Jeb Johnson said Sunday that the United States is facing a new era in which a lone-wolf terrorist could “strike at any moment.”
We’re very definitely in a new environment, because of ISIL’s effective use of social media, the Internet, which has the ability to reach into the homeland and possibly inspire others,” Johnson said in an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” using the administration’s preferred acronym for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
“Because of the use of the Internet, we could have little or no notice in advance of an independent actor attempting to strike.”
As a result, Johnson said, the federal government is making a greater effort to engage with state and local law enforcement and encourage them to be “vigilant” about what is happening in their communities.”

Congress must DEMAND answers to the following questions: 1)Why is Jeb Johnson not under arrest for gross incompetence and aggravated dereliction of duty, and 2)Why is this dim wit still on the federal payroll?

Jeb Johnson is emblematic of the insanity and complete idiocy of the Obama p-residency.

Jeb Johnson must be removed immediately!

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