A Thoughtful BUCKET LIST for the Final Days of the Obama Tyranny!

By John W. Lillpop

Although for a while it seemed as though Barack Obama’s tyrannical rule would never end, the truth is that in about 18 months America’s greatest season of discontent will come to a merciful conclusion.

Shortly after noon on January 20, 2017, Americans, both foreign and domestic, will set aside differences, petty and substantial, in order to unite in gratitude as the tyranny promoted and nurtured by Barack Obama, along with his arrogant loathing of the US Constitution and the rule of law, made possible by his bitter, racist hatred for American history, values and culture will be forced out of the Oval Office and plunged straight into the dungeons of Hades for eternity.

On that monumental day, Obama will be forced to surrender his undeserved and blatantly abused position as the most powerful man in the world, and will return to the violent, bloody streets of Chicago to resume his jaded war against America, Americans and the American way.

However, before Barack Obama is consigned to the back alleys of Chicago and the trash bin of history, his ruthless legacy must be indelibly drilled into the consciousness of all Americans as a stark reminder of what civilized people must never do again.

Thus, the Patriots’ BUCKET LIST of political, social, and economic objectives that must be achieved before Barack Obama moves on.

Therefore, let it be known that the following actions must be completed before noon, January 20, 2017:

( )ObamaCare must be expunged in total, and recorded as a complete failure, perpetrated by liberal nincompoops who destroyed the world’s most successful health care system in order to troll for votes;

( )Congress must declare a permanent war against Islam and it’s terrorist extremism, and note that Islam is, and has always been, the primary and most dangerous US enemy in history;

( )Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran must be permanently rendered null and void by the US Congress;

( )All Executive Orders issued by Barack Obama must be revoked by the authority of the United States Congress. Deportations of illegals aliens must resume immediately and continue at a pace which will effect the removal of all illegals from America by not later than July 4th, 2019.

( )GITMO must be recovered, revitalized, and reestablished as a viable, funded resource for lifetime detention and interrogation of anti-American terrorists and advocates, sans the Koran, prayer blankets, and other Islamic symbols of death allowed under the closeted Muslim dictatorship of Barack Obama;

( )Voter ID laws must be implemented in all US states and territories;

( )A joint declaration shall be made in which the EPA, State Department, Pentagon, and White House affirm that global warming and climate change are epic liberal scams with no scientific merit whatsoever, and which exist solely for enriching liberal politicians and falsely discrediting the great successes of US capitalism;

If we the people can cause these BUCKET LIST items to become reality, the tragic legacy of Barack Obama can be expunged and our nation made whole, and Holy, once again

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