Obama Executive Amnesty: Voter Fraud Based on Racial Profiling!


By John W. Lillpop

Although President Obama and most Democrats like to pretend that supporting illegal aliens is all about love and compassion and keeping families together, the truth is far more harsh.

In fact, Obama and Democrats know that liberal “solutions” seldom solve anything, and frequently exacerbate the very problems they were supposed to solve.

Democrats also know that the ability of the left to fool voters is quickly dissipating as more and more citizens become aware of the failures and corruption of liberal ideas and the bogey men who promote the same for personal profit and power.

The shrinking pool of “stupid Americans,” as described by MIT professor Jonathan Gruber in describing how ObamaCare became law, has forced liberals to target foreign invaders— uneducated, impoverished, illegal aliens— in order to recruit new Democrats.

Because amnesty for millions of foreign peasants could not pass Congress, President Obama sought to use “Executive Orders” as a means for getting around the Constitution, the Congress, and the overall will of the people.

Obama’s Executive Amnesty was nothing more than a thinly-disguised attempt to commit voter fraud on a massive scale, based on racial profiling!

Thus, Obama and the left deliberately sought to use Hispanics from south of our borders to “fundamentally transform” America from a nation of hard-working patriots to a nation of non-English speaking, illegal alien, 3rd world, parasites who could be counted on to vote Democrat for as long as enough booty—free health care, education, food stamps, welfare, etc.—was made available.

Most Americans were not fooled by this chicanery, excepting dull blades like Jeb Bush whose senses were so distorted that he thought himself to be Hispanic, rather than the lily-white descendant of two former American presidents!

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Obama’s “Executive Amnesty” ploy thrilled some Hispanic racists like Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who misrepresents voters in Illinois, and other miscreants who believe that US borders and immigration laws should not apply to Hispanics, who should be free to live wherever they choose, simply because they are Hispanic.

Thanks be to God, two of three judges in the 5th circuit of Appeals in New Orleans saw through Obama’s blatant racism and refused to lift the injunction against Obama’s Executive Amnesty scheme.

If the US House and US Senate had real Republicans in control, Barack Obama would be impeached and removed from office for Voter Fraud Based on Racial Profiling!

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