A Much-Needed Teachable Moment for Our Flawed Constitutional Scholar!

By John W. Lillpop

After nearly seven years of lawless disregard for the rule of law, including the US Constitution, the Congress, and the overall will of the American people, it appears to have finally dawned on Barack Hussein Obama that even the smartest outlaw in town must eventually heel to the law.

And so it is that a profound Teachable Moment lurks at Obama’s feet in the Oval Office, in readiness to counter all the pious, self-righteous malarkey about doing the “right thing,” which The One has repeatedly used to justify presidential tyranny.

After an Appeals Court in New Orleans on Tuesday rejected the Administration’s cry to remove an injunction against Executive Orders issued by Obama to illegally revise existing immigration law, it was assumed that the Obama legal team would immediately summon help from the SCOTUS in order to fundamentally transform America into a third-world failed state like Mexico.

Alas, it turns out that Obama and crew have decided to skip the jump to SCOTUS, in a tacit admission that the Executive Amnesty argument is silly and likely to tarnish Obama’s bruised legacy even further.

As reported:

“WASHINGTON — President Obama’s overhaul of the nation’s immigration system, which he announced in a prime-time speech to the nation last November, may remain under a cloud of legal uncertainty until months before he leaves office in 2017, legal experts and administration officials said Wednesday.

Officials from the Justice Department said in a statement that they would not ask the Supreme Court for permission to carry out the president’s immigration programs — which seek to provide work permits and deportation protection to millions of undocumented immigrants — while a fight over presidential authority plays out in the lower courts.

That legal battle may extend for a year or more, officials said, undermining any hope of putting the president’s plan into effect until right before the 2016 election.

The inability to quickly put into effect the president’s reforms is another severe blow to Hispanic activists, who had successfully lobbied Mr. Obama to take bold executive action in the face of Republican opposition to comprehensive changes in immigration law.

The president vowed to act days before Thanksgiving last year, urging undocumented immigrants to “come out of the shadows” and declaring that his actions were “not only lawful, they’re the kinds of actions taken by every single Republican president and every Democratic president for the past half-century.”

So, Thank God, American justice wins the day for American citizens as tens of millions of illegal aliens are sent back to the Shadows for deportation.

All because America’s Constitutional Scholar wasn’t nearly as smart as he thought himself to be!

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