Can John Kerry’s Injured Femur Prevent Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions?


By John W. Lillpop

As the United States and the coalition of the leaderless march relentlessly toward an untenable nuclear pact that would provide the Islamic Republic of Iran(AKA, state terrorists) with nuclear capability and a license to inflict yet another Holocaust on the Jewish people, the combined efforts of America’s Closeted Muslim President, Barack Hussein Obama, and his trusted ally, John Kerry, veteran of Swift Boat notoriety, appear headed down a path of destruction that would, metaphorically, toss aside the safety and security of the sane world with the same reckless abandon and foolishness that Kerry used when he threw his Vietnam War medals over the White House fence over 40 years ago.

But perhaps Providence has intervened on behalf of common sense and world sanity?

As reported, a break in the programmed Barack Obama-John Kerry malevolence against Israel and the sane world has unexpectedly given rise to some hope that the Nuclear-arming of Iran can be delayed.


“Secretary of State John Kerry broke his leg in a bike crash outside Geneva Sunday, where he had been holding nuclear talks with Iran’s foreign minister.

Kerry called off the rest of his four-nation trip and will fly back to Boston.

State Department Spokesman John Kirby said Kerry is stable and never lost consciousness.

Kerry should make a full recovery and is in good spirits, he said.

X-rays at the Swiss hospital confirmed that Kerry fractured his right femur.

Kerry’s cycling rides have become a theme of his diplomatic journeys, often taking his bike with him on the plane. “

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The big question: Could this fracture of Kerry’s femur be the “break” needed by the world to stop the next Holocaust from being initiated by a nuclear-enabled Iran?

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  2. Kerry needs to keep in mind that, even as arrangements have been made to fly him back to Boston, MA, where he may need surgery for that thigh bone (so it has been reported), I recall an Obama speech (as he was drumming-up support for Obamacare) how physicians or surgeons were doing “unnecessary surgeries to increase their incomes” or words to that effect. That was the “consumer-protection advocate”,Obama speaking as he “showed his honest-side and concern for American health care consumers at the mercy of those lying surgeons and the dishonest insurance carriers Anyone remember that?

    • All of those corrupt lying physicians were eliminated as part of the ObamaCare takeover…..its all sweet and good now, which is a shame because Kerry deserves the worst treatment possible.

  3. Right, John! Even though the expression “Low-information people” are the bulk of Obama’s constituency, I think those people feel slandered. Actually, they rejected thinking in favor of the most trustworthy President in their very brief recollections. Insofar as those “unscrupulous physicians” Mr. Obama has cited, he and his advisors have taken steps “to nail” these guys. The strategy may be working by now, the ACA was “cleverly” designed to deprive those physicians of treating those who blindly purchased the ACA, which was blindly voted into existence by “caring” Democrats.(100% of them by the way!)
    The ACA deductibles and co-pays are so high that those physicians will slowly starve. The people, the patients? They won’t be able to afford treatments after paying the ever-rising ACA premiums. After Obama & Co. are gone, we the people are going to need a “Marshall Plan.”

  4. ‘Completely forgot! The subject today was about Kerry’s femur, which should, at least, be addressed. Perhaps the Democrats can arrange for Kerry to testify, how he, the seasoned ice hockey player and wind-sailing athlete, could have capsized his bicycle.
    He could demonstrate his indignation by throwing his bike over the White House fence, to join those medals he claimed to have thrown over that fence.

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