Report: Anti-Semitic Rapper Ice Cube Beats Up Rabbi

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Ice Cube has never had the most cordial relationship with the Jewish community.

In 1991, the Simon Wiesenthal Center condemned his album “Death Certificate,” noting that many lyrics were racist and one of the songs called for the murder of a Jewish music industry figure. His song “No Vaseline” has been criticized for its line directed at his former group NWA, which he says “let a white Jew tell [them] what to do.”

However, this latest incident, if true, takes his Jewish relations to a new low.

The 45-year-old rapper and actor allegedly lost his cool outside the MGM casino in Detroit last Sunday when he and a rabbi –who went by the name P. Taras according to TMZ — bumped into each other. Taras claims that after he told Ice Cube to watch where he was going, the rapper had his entourage physically beat and stomp on him.

Taras also says that Ice Cube unleashed a string of anti-Semitic epithets at him for wearing a yarmulke. He is suing the rapper for $2 million in damages.

Ice Cube, whose real name is O’Shea Jackson, told TMZ that the rabbi’s claims are not true.

Jackson is in the middle of helping publicize an upcoming biopic about NWA, but he might not be able to rap his way out of this debacle.


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  1. “Ice Cube” plays the part of a person with a nasty mood each time I’ve seen him on TV, which is all I could state until reading the account here. I’ve never made it a point to seek out his acting performances. Obviously, he’s not acting as much as acting out, using his hired protection to do his bidding in order to earn their salaries.
    This “celebrity” (I’m being charitable)is suffering from the stardom he perceives himself to have. He then abuses his place in society by being a manipulative bully. Had he really been a “big man,” he could have set an example by excusing himself. I cannot envision a rabbi being so pugnacious as to start a fight. Ice Cube apparently didn’t lay hands on the unfortunate rabbi, but Ice Cube did initiate the beating by ordering his “bodyguards” to thrash the rabbi. Ice Cube needs taking down by the law and I hope the rabbi pursues a law suit to its maximum.

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