Stockholm supports mass murder, torture and rape

Ensvenskperser by Nasrin Sjögren

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Yesterday, the politicians in my city decided to give genocide tourists a VIP lane to work, housing, and therapy. According to existing international convention, the country where I live has committed to prosecute people who join terror groups and foreign armed fighting. The left wing and progressive local politicians explain this away by saying they are not concerning themselves with the judicial management of these bloody killers, but are interested in the socio-economic aspect of the issue.

This may sound like an incredibly black comedy or dark dystopian epic, but it is reality. Here and now, in the month of May, 2015. The country I live in is called Sweden, and the city is Stockholm, its capitol. Since the election last fall, City Hall is run by an incurably naïve, vertigo-inducingly unworldly, and inveterately idiotic accumulation of 53 representatives for the Social Democrats (S), the Environmental Party (MP), the Left Party (V), and the Feminist Initiative (FI).

Those are harsh words and a judgment they thoroughly deserve. Had that been the end of it, I would probably not have wasted energy on writing this text. After living in Sweden for the last 27 of my 33 years, I’m pretty seasoned. The Swedish people has, bit by bit, had to get used to seeing their society transformed from an ethnically homogenous welfare state with a high level of social trust to a criminal, multicultural chaos where the native Swedes in an increasingly unceremonious manner are being overlooked and pushed aside in favor of a historically unique tidal wave of culturally, socially, and religiously alien immigrants. All in accordance with the principle of the boiled frog. Democracy was set aside after the half-witted and incompetent socialist minority government forced an agreement with the equally anemic fake-conservative opposition during a few tumultuous days this past winter. All in order to outmaneuver and sideline the latest addition to the parliamentary assembly, a party which both comprises and gives voice to an increasingly repressed and desperate citizenry, consisting of both native Swedes and immigrants loyal to the country.

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That party is being portrayed as the devil’s spawn and Hitler’s heirs. This, despite the fact that the party, with every fifth member being born outside Sweden, and despite it having the highest number of immigrants on its ballots, outscores its political opponents when it comes to integration. After the above-mentioned agreement, it no longer makes a difference which of the older, established parties you have voted for: In parliamentary votes, they all either actively vote or passively abstain in favor of any proposals from the sitting government. Between votes, they put on charades, feigning aggravation and pretending to strive for different directions for national politics. The aim is singular: Eliminating the threat of a balanced immigration policy in particular and any policy that dares even breathe of national self-preservation in general.

The politicians from the old parties are hell-bent on putting Sweden on the map as a humanitarian superpower. Hubris, megalomania, and insanity are understatements when you’re ready to sacrifice a prosperous country with a peace-loving people, only to provide the ruling class the opportunity to feel like godless saints in probably the most religious atheistic country in the world. Atheistic, in that they deny and denounce anything even suggesting the God of Christianity. Religious in its blind fanaticism where the established value norm – the only correct one – includes multiculturalism, open borders, and the conviction that no essential differences exist either in value or kind between different cultures and religions. This, completely regardless of what science, evidence, research, experience, statistics, or simple common sense shows. Anything challenging the established line of thought is heresy and the apostate who airs such criticism is, as eerily efficiently as wordlessly, erased from the social and professional “totalitarian light” community.

In Sweden, every resident knows what can be said aloud, what can only be uttered behind closed doors, and what can barely even be contemplated in solitude. Even I am painfully conscious of these equally razor sharp as unspoken boundaries. I know, and I violate them. Continually and daily. They can’t get to me as easily, these guardians of the corridor of opinions. It drives them bonkers; that’s a fact. The reason why I am able to do this is that I belong to exactly the minority that these benevolence narcissists have designated their untouchable pets.

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As a little girl, I was illegally smuggled into Sweden from Spain, where I had already been granted asylum, under the pretense that my family and I came directly from Iran and were persecuted because of my parents’ political activity. After being granted permanent residency, I grew up in a confessing and practicing Muslim family. We lived in an apartment we had been assigned by social services in a working lower-class neighborhood inhabited by native Swedes. There, we were provided for by the Swedish taxpayers through all the different generous allowances handed out to anyone who for whatever reason is not considered able to support themselves.

As a teen, I revolted against the Muslim god that I neither wanted to nor could submit to, from which point I was tossed between different social workers, foster homes, youth homes, and periods of homelessness on the streets of Stockholm. To make a long story short, I’m a worthy representative for the immigrants that the secular political clergy has exalted to the same status as the holy cows that walk the streets of India. That is also the reason I can write and say what few Swedes can afford to. I have wandered between the desert of exclusion and the glass walls of semi-belonging my entire life. With that, I also have nothing in the way of career, esteem, or social belonging to put at risk.

I bite the hand that feeds me. For that, I am hated by the political and media establishment. Which is, of course, understandable. Nobody wants to be attacked by their imported pet. But see, that’s where they’re mistaken. I am nobody’s pet. Not anybody’s obedient dog, devoted cat, or faithful cuddly animal. I am a human being. With free will, personal responsibility, and innate human dignity. In my case, I’m also blessed with a strong intellectual integrity and a warrior soul that is burning for what is right, true, and good.

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With this as my foundation, I see a tolerant, loving, and generous people being humiliated as deeply as a people can be humiliated without cracking and resorting to violence. But we are approaching that limit now. With an accelerating rate of motion. Yesterday’s decision by Stockholm’s politician may very well be the beginning of the end of the two-century-long continuous period of peace. A peace the rulers have come to take for granted as a law of nature, abiding through time and space. For all intents and purposes, they exalt what can only be entitled Satan’s Foreign Legions on Earth to the closest thing Sweden has to a new aristocracy. The largest and most demonic threat to the civilized world in living memory is from now on supported by Swedish taxpayers, whether they like it or not.

Every dime and worked hour an honorable Swedish factory worker earns with his worn-out body supports rewarding and “rehabilitating” perpetrators of the most bestial crimes against humanity that the most depraved and perverted evilly egotistical hell demon can conceive of. Meanwhile, the same Swedish working class is incessantly told that the barns are empty and that they no longer can have either the housing, the health care, or the jobs that the politicians have decided will go to reality’s equivalent of Mordor’s vicious armies. It’s no longer the unholy silence of Swedes that blesses evil. The open hearts of the Swedish people is now an actively participating sponsor of ethnic cleansing, slavery, torture, rape, and mass murder. Such magnificent abuse of justice, morality, and conscience cannot pass unnoticed. Not even in the peace damaged royal kingdom of Sweden.


Nasrin Sjögren


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