Muslim Liar? Says United Airlines Witness To ‘Diet Coke’ Incident Involving Muslim Woman

Alternate stories now coming out from passengers on the United Flight from ORD to DCA, is this a form of taqiyya?
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I was actually on this flight on Friday evening from ORD to DCA. I have been a reader of this forum for a long time but seeing this all over the news made me sign up so I could tell you what really happened here and hopefully stop this liar in her tracks. I was sitting close enough to her to hear everything that was said. The flight attendant came up to the lady (I believe she even took her order first in the entire cabin as she was seated in the bulkhead 7d) and took her order.

She ordered a coke zero and a hot green tea with a Splenda. The flight attendant handed her a full diet coke with a cup on top and then told her that the green tea would take a few minutes and she would get it to her ASAP. The lady said very rudely and condescending to the FA that she ordered a coke zero and basically pushed the soda back to the flight attendant.

The FA said she was sorry and attempted to find a coke zero for her (which she did not have many of) and told her that she could only give her a portion of the can not the full can. This is when the lady in question started to freak out and told the FA “What do you think I will use this as a weapon?! Why can’t I have the whole can? I think you are discriminating against me. I need your name….”

The lady just kept yelling to her “I need your name… I am being discriminated against.” This is when a few passengers told her to calm down and one guy told her to “shut her mouth and she is being ridiculous over a can of coke”.

No one ever said anything anti-Muslim to her at all. She was the one who started screaming discrimination when she did not get what she wanted. The FA asked her numerous times if she would like anything else when the lady just basically pushed her away with a hand in her face.

The lady then got onto her phone with her credit card and paid for the internet so she could start spinning this story on social media and she was never in tears. This person is a liar plain and simple and is just pulling the discrimination card.

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  1. I believe that passenger’s primary need was to drink something with “0” calories. She was offered a substitute for what she requested, no full can of the requested stuff existed on that plane. If she needed to drink a “0” calories liquid, water would have been a proper substitution.
    That woman was offensive to the FA, whom as described, made every effort to accommodate the passenger. The FA is no one’s slave, an airline ticket doesn’t buy a personal FA slave.
    She was trying to make a mountain out of a mole-hill. I have no idea what the difference is between a “Diet Coke” and “Coke Zero.”
    If she wanted a sweetened drink as urgently as she demonstrated, a few calories of any substitute drink would not have rocketed her off of the weight chart, although looking at her chin tucked under her head covering reminds me of a person very troubled about gaining an ounce.
    Much ado about nothing except Muslim paranoia.

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