Armageddon Obama Considers Nuclear Strikes Against Russia; NOT ISIS

( In an interview in Febuary with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Barack Obama acknowledged that the United States had “brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine,” thus admitting to a high level of democratic impropriety of a coup in Ukraine.

On December 13, 2013, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, following her third trip to Ukraine in five weeks, told the National Press Club: “Since Ukraine’s independence in 1991 the United States has…invested over $5 billion to assist Ukraine in needs and other goals.”

US taxpayer dollars that unwittingly provided the funds to support the coup d’ etat in Ukraine, just like in Iraq, Libya and soon to be Syria all today in total chaos. Don’t think the Democrats are alone in this conspiracy to overthrow Ukraine, U.S. Sen. John McCain took in the anti-government protest scene in Kiev’s Independence Square in 2013, known as Maidan Square, McCain was  snapping pictures with his cell phone as he met with opposition leaders.

Then USA put the son of Joe Biden in charge of Ukrainian gas, this is not joke, google it (Burisma Holdings) or read the story HERE. With all this going on Russia already had their Navy base located in Crimea and felt threaten that NATO would take it,  it was the only Russian Navy base on the Black Sea, a vital port for Russian security. The western Media running of the so-called Russian  ‘invasion force’ has been there for the past 15 years already!! Crimea was bound to be the focus of the Russian backlash against the Ukrainian revolution, no one expected Russia to just let NATO take over their base.

Obama goal is destroy western civilization, Christianity and Judaism and bring the rise of Islam, first he has to get the two superpowers to destroy themselves, Russia and USA, then Europe through NATO and China with Russia will follow. In the End these countries will be destroyed and ISIS as well as other Islamic groups will be the only groups still standing to expand in the end. The media and fools falling for the trick are stupidly cheering this whole thing on to their own demise. Even most the Republican and Democrat presidential choices for 2016 seems to support a tough stance against Russia.

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Think this is crazy tin foil hat conspiracy, well think again. As tensions increase between Russia and the United States, a chilling report shows that a nuclear strike is not beyond the realm of possibility from Obama and NATO. According to the report, numerous sources have reported on the meeting of US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter at

the headquarters of the US European Command in Stuttgart, Germany, with two dozen other US military commanders and European diplomats in tow.

The purpose of this meeting is ostensibly to discuss how the economic and military campaign that is currently being waged against Russia will be further escalated. Carter is expected to lead a discussion that will assess the impact of current economic sanctions, as well as encompassing debate on the success of the NATO strategy in exploiting the crisis in eastern Ukraine.

Most serious of all, though, is a recent report published by the Associated Press which suggests that the head of the US military effort, the Pentagon, has been actively considering the use of nuclear missiles against military targets in Russia. This may seem like a dire prospect to anyone aware of the possible consequences of such an action, yet the United States administration apparently considers this a possible response to alleged violations of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty.

Reports suggest that three separate options are currently being considered by Pentagon top brass, which include a pre-emptive deployment of nuclear missiles against targets inside Russia.

A Pentagon spokesman that spoke to the Associated Press  stated that all military options under consideration are designed to ensure that Russia gains no significant military advantage from the alleged violation. Meanwhile, Russia continues to deny the suggestion that it has violated a 1987 Treaty, stating that its actions have been entirely consistent with this legislation.

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It should be naturally underlined that a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Russia would quite conceivably, and some might say inevitably, lead to a full-scale nuclear war. The consequences of this are almost incalculable and unimaginable, but the absolutely most optimistic scenario would be that hundreds of millions of lives would be lost. Considering that this option appears to be on the table from Obama and his minions in Europe, it has led some sources to describe the foreign policy of Washington and its NATO allies as staggeringly criminal and reckless.

While such an extreme suggestion as a pre-emptive nuclear strike is always likely to attract naysayers, it is important to assert that there is already significant precedent of such an act occurring. Generations of Americans grew up under the shadow of the Cold War, when the prospect of nuclear war seemed a distinct possibility on a daily basis. At that time, what can best be described as a maniacal nuclear war arms race between the Soviet Union and the United States was a source of concern all over the world, and although this obviously didn’t ultimately result in full-scale nuclear war, it is a matter of the public record that this unsavoury prospect did indeed come extremely

close to a horrifying realisation.

Following the failed attempt of the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, then president John F. Kennedy authorized Operation Mongoose, a series of by now familiar covert CIA actions designed to undermine and overthrow Cuban supremo Fidel Castro, and ultimately to the Cuban Missile Crisis stand-off with the Soviets. During this tense time, Russian submarines that were under attack from US destroyers were carrying nuclear-tipped missiles. Two of the commanders authorized their use, and a third commander, Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov, vetoed it. Had the missiles been fired, it almost certainly would have led to a full-scale nuclear war.

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As the stand-off between Russia and China and United States continues to brew, it is important to remember that while one does not wish to engage in needless scaremongering, the last time two major nuclear powers had such a ‘disagreement’ in 1963, the world was one word away from nuclear war. We can be entirely thankful to Vasili Arkhipov that it didn’t happen, and it is pretty scandalous that this is being considered as a serious option now.

Both Russia and the United States are known to be the largest possessors of Nuclear weaponry in the world. There is debate and disagreement over which of the United States or Russia has the most nuclear weapons, but what is unavoidable is that both have enough to cause an almost unfathomable loss of life should they be utilized. We can only hope that the hawkish elements of the United States government steer well clear from the disastrous path that is being contemplated.

If you think Sept 11th was bad, that is noting compared to what this situation could lead to. Americans right now seemed to be mostly concerned with Bruce Jenner, and if Muslims can get unopened cans of Coke on passenger jets.






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