More Surprises Hidden in Obamatrade

In 2010, President Obama sold Obamacare with the line “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.”

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Millions of canceled policies later we discovered the line was a lie.

Now, Obama and his salesman are saying the Trans-Pacific Partnership, aka Obamatrade, will keep China from taking over the world.

Yet just this week, Obama told a public radio program China can join the pact and in fact has already asked his administration for an invitation to the party.

Obama’s sales job for Obamatrade is as dishonest as his drumming for Obamacare.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Obama’s slip of the tongue exposes something even more troubling than the number of conservatives willing to trust a proven liar in the Oval Office.

This latest revelation confirms the darkest suspicions surrounding the international agreement Obama wants Congress to rubber stamp.

Sen. Jeff Sessions read the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership and was shocked to learn that it is “a living agreement” that can be rewritten and updated at any time in the future.

If you think the U.S. Congress will be involved in updating the agreement, think again. Obamatrade creates a new global authority, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission, and vests it with powers to enforce the deal and admit new members, even China, on its own.

Tellingly, the midwives pushing Obamatrade through the Senate killed an amendment that would have required congressional approval for China to join. Though not yet born, this new regent already has squires jealously guarding its powers against intruders, including our elected representatives.

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The White House has not shown us the creature it hopes Congress will christen before it adjourns to celebrate our nation’s birthday on July 4. But we can discern a shape in the cradle beneath the blanket of secrecy, and one notices a resemblance between this infant and the sovereignty-eating beast of Brussels, the European Union.

Like the EU, the Trans-Pacific Partnership has the ability to admit other countries, simply on the basis of consensus agreement of existing members. That is unlike any previous trade deal the U.S. Congress has approved.

The treaty that launched the European Union established a European Commission to enforce the provisions of the pact. Similarly, the TPP’s Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission will ensure enforcement of the agreement and must consider the opinions of other international organizations.

The European Union was founded on “four freedoms”: the free flow of people, goods, money and services among members. We learned at a recent White House press conference the Trans-Pacific Partnership will ensure “people, goods and money will flow freely within the Asia Pacific region.”

The European Common Market was always about more than eliminating tariffs between Belgium and France. Asked why TPP’s sibling the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership isn’t referred to as a “free trade agreement,” or FTA, Obama’s top trade negotiators said its “because it is so much broader than trade.” These agreements, they said, “are about figuring out better ways of integrating our … economies” – “broader than the traditional FTA.”

Maybe the similarities between Obamatrade and the European Union are just a coincidence. Maybe.

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But this is certain: there is only one way to be sure we won’t wake up one day to find our food, energy and businesses are being regulated not by bureaucrats in Washington, but in a far-away capital.

Sen. Sessions says the White House must come clean on the nature of this “living agreement” with nations known and unknown, and the powers of the new international authority it will spawn.

It must do so before Congress can put Obamatrade on the fast track.

These GOP senators are keeping mum on whether they’ve read Obamatrade.


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