Should Pope Francis Run for US President?

By John W. Lillpop

Papal pontifications are historically spiritual in nature and, as such, are generally not particularly fertile grounds in which political news hogs choose to frolic and/or wallow.


However, in 2015 things may be substantially different. This is so because Pope Francis has lent the power and prestige of his popeship (?) to political issues of vital interest in the US presidential elections slated for 2016.

For instance, to date his Papacy has entered the fray on global climate change, middle-east politics (Israel versus the Palestinians), and same-sex marriage, in addition to the typical, garden-variety Vatican vitriol directed at money, profit, and capitalism.

Incidentally, pompous pronouncements from the Pope and other men of the cloth regarding the evils of wealth and profit would have more legitimacy if the gold and silver sequestered in the dungeons of the Vatican basement were exhumed and donated, in whole, to charitable organizations certified as genuinely dedicated to ending world hunger and poverty, especially among children.

And, no, donations to the Clinton Foundation, including $700 hundred thousand dollar speeches spilling from the lying lips of Slick Willie, would not qualify as spiritual manna for IRS purposes.

While it should astound absolutely nobody if the Republican “pool” of presidential candidates were expanded to include Popes, illegal aliens, Mexican national politicians, ISIS warriors, and Hispanic posers, one would expect such renegades to be more attractive to the tsunami of progressive fascism sweeping through the Democrat Party.

Thus, if Pope Francis can come up with the $1 billion dollars, or so, needed to wage a respectable “the meek shall inherit the earth” campaign, versus Hillary Clinton and her passion to represent “Ordinary Americans,”Pope Francis may be compelled to dust off the traditional Papal Tiara, and toss it into the ring in opposition to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley and other out-of-touch whack-jobs on the left who hate America in the proud, storied tradition of Barack Obama.

Pope Francis: An attractive alternative to the wacky extremism of Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party?

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