Why Are Republicans Complicit in Obama’s 3rd-World Transformation of America?

By John W. Lillpop

Does anyone remember, or give a damn about, the events of November 4, 2014?

Back then, Republicans were given control of both houses of the US Congress, ostensibly to stall, if not make grave-yard dead, the tyrannical abuses of Barack Obama, America’s diversity-gone-amuck Poster Child.

Republicans were charged with confronting The One and ending his threat to “fundamentally transform” America.

God Bless the GOP! cried conservatives in premature, unfounded joy, hailing what at the time seemed like the return of sanity and patriotism to the halls of Congress.

We will take America back! , Crowed “leaders” Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and others, as they boldly promised Constitutional-based, low-cost governance, free of higher taxes, tyranny and the inevitable corruption that comes with having a Democrat-majority in control of any significant segment of government.

More than six months later, it’s damn near impossible to cite any positive achievement(s) attributable to the GOP unarmed revolution of 2014.

Rather than gallant crusaders of the loyal opposition, Republicans resemble Pre-puberty school girls totally mesmerized by a smooth-talking, ultra-charismatic rock-star, to whom their allegiance and loyalty is boundless, notwithstanding profound ideological differences.

The mind boggles. Picture Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner in cheerleaders’ garb, each wearing an “OBAMA!” shirt, and waving pompoms screaming, “TPP NOW!”

It’s as if the GOP’s best and brightest have misread the 2014 elections as a mandate to grant Obama even more power and Congress less oversight!

Is that what voters had in mind when they wrestled Senate leadership from the feeble hands of Harry Reid? Or when the GOP majority in the US House was expanded?

The inept, disjointed Republican response to the tyranny of Obama can be summarized in the following “discovery” of the secret immigration powers granted to Obama in the bowels of the proposed TPP bill.

As reported:

Discovered inside the huge pile of secretive Obamatrade documents released by Wikileaks are key details on how technically any Republican voting for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) that would fast-track trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal would technically also be voting to massively expand President Obama’s executive authority when it comes to immigration matters.

Get that?

Right after the November 4 elections, Barack Obama issued “Executive Orders” to indemnify millions of illegal aliens from existing immigration law which provides for deportations of invaders.

Those Executive Orders have been put in abeyance by court rulings, subject to further adjudication in the courts, notwithstanding the tyrant’s pen and cell phone!

So, how is it that the GOP Congress is trying to give this president, who has tried hard to scuttle immigration law, with unilateral powers that would enable him to wreak havoc with American culture and history?

Clearly, Republicans are as brain-dead and as morally defective as most Democrats!

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