Did the Confederate Flag Drive Dylann Roof to Mass Murder? Or Was It Insanity?

By John W. Lillpop

Tragic events in Charleston, South Carolina last week have caused disparate interests to join forces in denouncing the Confederate Flag, the South, and Southern people in general.

Although the great American civil war ended 150 years ago, the vitriol against the South and Southerners has not ended. In fact, based on the way the South is portrayed in the media, motion pictures, and other venues, one whom did not know better might wrongly conclude that the Confederate States were victorious in the war, and that it was savages of the Confederacy that burned Union states to the ground, and relegated the defeated Union to second-class, inferior status forever, and committed other unspeakable crimes against the social, economic, and cultural heritage of the vanquished Union.

If history had played out differently, the nation’s capitol might be named after Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee would be a national symbol of bravery and military acumen, and the Stars and Stripes would be held in contempt by those who cherish liberty, states rights, and freedom from tyranny!

But, of course, the Union prevailed, and the South has been paying the price ever since.

150 years on, murders, rapes, and all manner of violence are nearly epidemic—in northern cities like Chicago, Ferguson, MO, and Baltimore, where the Confederate Flag is rarely, if ever, displayed, much less glorified.

So perhaps it is NOT the Confederate flag that is responsible for insane acts of violence?

Perhaps it is the constant stream of hatred against the South that drives insecure psychopaths like Dylann Roof over the edge?

Rather than denouncing the Confederate Flag which, after all, but is an inanimate, lifeless object that symbolizes unity and cultural heritage to millions of Americans, why not accept the fact that the Confederate flag does not promote racism, segregation, or discrimination. It does not advocate white supremacy nor does it denigrate non-white people.

Forget beating up on the Confederate Flag and focus on solving the real problems that divide we the people!

John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California

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