The truth of Obama’s post-racial America

By David L. Hunter

Supposedly aggrieved Afro-American activists (whose knee-jerk reaction is always to blame whitey for their ills) bray “black lives [should] matter.” These same folks completely ignore the fact that 50 percent of Afro-American children are aborted in the womb. Similarly, militant slogans like ‘no justice, no peace’ coupled with violent city burning-protests obscure the truth that most blacks in America are killed by members of their own race: per 2012 FBI crime statistics, of 2,648 black homicides, 2,412, or 90%, of the perpetrators were black. The progressive Left utilizes the Obama political strategy of “never letting a crisis go to waste” to further an anti-American agenda designed to further inflame racial dissension and keep Democratic ultra-constitutionalist rabble-rousers (through an abetting MSM and mouthpieces like Al Sharpton) in power.

The evil, white racist lurking everywhere in America is a false narrative promoted by naysaying Democrats for their own political ends. Specifically, Mr. Obama repeatedly fixates on the politics of victimization by exploiting one isolated tragedy after another—Today it’s one likely mentally ill young man, South Carolina’s Dylann Storm Roof who murdered nine people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church—and extrapolates absurdly that the history of slavery is “still part of our DNA. Racism, we are not cured of it. … Societies don’t, overnight, completely erase everything that happened 200 to 300 years prior.” Exactly what century is this U.S. president living in?

In actuality, by and large, America is a post-racial county. When not on the golf course or partying with publicly demonized millionaires, the petulant, perpetually grousing individual sitting in the cushy Oval Office (while 93 million able-bodied Americans can’t find full time work) for a second term is black. There are Afro-Americans at every level of government and the private sector. Interracial marriages are commonplace and their children are vibrant, fully embraced members of our society. Moreover,Eminem notwithstanding, rap music—a principally black form of artistic expression—is mainstream American music. Likewise, black athletes and entertainers (recent Oscar winners include: Denzel Washington, Halle Barry, Morgan Freeman, Whoopie Goldberg and Jennifer Hudson)are lionized with an almost God-like status universally by white and black young people. Indeed, blacks have taken over popular culture:movies “Be like Mike” (2002) and its sequel “Be Like Mike 2” (2006) are flattering references to NBA superstar Michael Jordan (whose $200.00 Air Jordan sneakers are highly sought after). In this same vein, the white youth of today have eagerly integrated the rather questionable language and fashion sense of their black idols from Mr. T-style necklaces and jewelry to baggy jeans that hang down exposing the backside of the wearer. In every way possible, the dominant white, Christian culture has repeatedly extended the hand of friendship (through equal employment statutes, civil rights and social welfare programs) to our black American brothers. It is their persistent refusal to accept our integrative overtures due to 150 year old historical grievances—never-ending and reiterated by Mr. Obama just days ago—that have nothing whatsoever to do with the current generation that populates America. That includes lone wolf crazies, who do barbarous things to black people and happen to be white.

To demonstrate how far we have come, there used to be a “one-drop rule” for a person of mixed race to determine that individual’s non-white identity. Being white, as close to white as possible—or even better “passing for white”—was a necessary mechanism of economic survival when racism ran rampant in America of the past. Today, we have Rachel Dolezal, disgraced former president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington: a white woman who lied about her racial identity and passed herself off as black (a position that definitely would have landed her in the mad house in1850).

Indeed, what more can white America do to accommodate the black community? It is time for black leaders to judge us individually—and as a group—by MLK’s standard: the content of our (collective) character and not the color of our skin or the criminal acts of the periodic homicidal madman.

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