America in Death Spiral; Best Hope Rests with Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush?


Satire by John W Lillpop

I have never been so disillusioned, sad, bitter, and just plain “PI**ED” off as I am right now!

It is as though the Heavens have turned against America and her institutions and have decided to bring purgatory here and now, rather than waiting to send us to hell in a hand-basket in the after life.

Everything is asunder!

For instance, in modern life:

Marriage is no longer a sacred, God-ordained
institution between a man and a woman for the purpose of rearing a family. Rather, it is whatever the participants want it to be, for whatever purpose, and for however long!

Differentiating between terms “State exchanges” and “Federal exchanges” is so complex and intellectually challenging that, for the purpose of defining and implementing ObamaCare, the terms are used interchangeably and without distinction, except when John Roberts rules otherwise!

God is a homophobic sexist who needs to butt out of people’s lives!

Transforming ones genital parts to match one’s inner most desires and feelings is the ultimate surrender to the peace and tranquility of self realization and actualization, and is otherwise cool.

Jesus, if he lived at all, was not divine and probably died an inglorious death as an abandoned Jewish panhandler.

Unborn babies are to be treated like disposable diapers. That is, to be discarded at the sole will and discretion of the would-be mom, with little or no lamentation or guilt;

More time and money is expended to make law enforcement officers and policies politically correct than is spent defending innocent, law-abiding citizens against criminals.

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Southern traditions and symbols cherished for 150 years are now subject to scorn and revocation. New Fact: inclusion and tolerance do NOT extend south of the Mason-Dixon line. New Fact 2: Fried chicken and grits are a major cause of erection dysfunction and probably cost the Confederacy the war!

It used to be said that “Boys will be boys,” but that now reads, “Boys will be boys, unless they want to be girls!”

Racism is a disease of the soul that afflicts ALL Caucasians, but never people of color.

Racism can be cured by payment of Reparations to people of color.

Abusing slaves, not baseball, was the favorite past time of the Founding Fathers.

Jefferson Davis was president of a nation engaged in deadly war against the United States. Thus, all monuments and memorabilia honoring Davis shall be exhumed and destroyed,… in the name of tolerance and diversity.

References to DIXIE, the SOUTH, and other terms of endearment about states belonging to the Confederacy are triggers of violent racial hatred and bigotry. All such references must be stomped out and avoided under the threat of death!

And on and on it goes.

All of which leads to the most distressing fact of all: With America in desperate need of competent, patriotic leadership, we the people may have to choose between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush in 2016!

Now THAT is a crock!

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