Libertard: “Nude-Colored” Bras Are Racist, An Example Of “White Privilege”


I cannot even comprehend the stupidity of this. Why should everyone have to accommodate the fact that someone might be a different skin tone than 66% of the population? I am all for equality but this is just too much. EVERYONE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO ACCOMMODATE YOUR PC DRAMA!

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From the op-ed:

Imagine this: you are a young African American woman who has run to the local department store to grab a “nude” colored bra to wear under a sheer outfit, say a game-day dress or a work interview blouse. But when you get to the store there is no “nude” lingerie, at least not for you.

Bras in slightly different shades of pale peach abound, but there are few to no options for darker-skinned women and they aren’t advertised as nude-colored. How would it make you feel that the fashion industry and society at large has based its ideal of nude on Caucasian people?

That the color of your skin doesn’t count as “nude?”Fortunately, one lingerie company is shining a light on this glaring discrepancy and is actively redefining nude. Nubian Skin creates nude lingerie and hosiery for women of color and is built on the foundation that all women should have access to the same beauty products.

The concept is so new that the brand’s online storefront hasn’t launched yet, but we posit the company will do quite well. After all, it is filling a hole in the market that larger lingerie brands have chosen to overlook.

Nubian Skin’s mission to bring nude products to women who aren’t white made us think about other subtle examples of white privilege we see in stores every day. For example, whenever you’ve had a minor cut or scrape and gone to reach for a Band-Aid, have you every used one that wasn’t made for light-skinned people? We guess probably not because flesh-colored Band-Aids for darker-skinned people don’t seem to exist.

Or think about nearly every advertisement you’ve ever seen for “nude” makeup or “flesh-colored” clothing? What exactly was the tone of those flesh colors? Almost definitely not shades of brown or anything darker than a pale pink, which is ridiculous considering nearly a third of the U.S. population was non-white as of the 2010 census.

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All this feels like is an ad for Nubian Skin. Buy a brown bra if you want it to be ‘nude’ . It’s called supply and demand, and guess what?? Most stores aren’t stocking up for the 3-4 people that *MIGHT* come in to buy a Nubian Skin Nude Colored bra. There are way more people that are buying ‘shades of beige’.  And seriously, Band-Aids? Helloooooo! They make clear ones! They match anyone’s skin tone, so just buy those. Also who cares. It’s a Band-Aid. are you really going to let a cut get infected because you wanted it to match your skin tone? They don’t match mine when I have a tan, either, and you don’t hear me crying. Put on your big girl panties – I don’t care what shade of ‘nude’ they are – and grow up.

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