Rick Perry on Sanctuary Cities: ‘This Is About the Security of This Country’

HAMPTON, Iowa—  Campaigning here Monday afternoon, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry said that all federal funding must be cut off to sanctuary cities that refuse to assist in helping the federal government enforce immigration laws.

Sanctuary cities have been a controversial topic in the news after San Francisco officials released from custody an illegal immigrant who allegedly went on to kill a woman.

Hampton, Iowa, where Perry spoke, is considered a sanctuary city.

“This is about the security of this country,” said Perry, a Republican candidate for president in 2016.

Perry spent the majority of his message on the economy, promising to “get this country back on track.”

“Here’s the good news,” said Perry to a packed crowd in the Rustic Brew coffee shop. “I think we are just a few good decisions and a leadership change [away]…to the best years this country’s ever had.”

Perry spoke on his 14 years of executive experience as governor of Texas.

“I have a record that has results,” Perry said.

Perry stated “nobody gave me a how-to-manual” when the Columbia space shuttle blew up, Hurricane Katrina hit, the “massive problem and challenge” of border security started occurring, and more recently, when Ebola came to his state.

He said that the state of Texas stepped in and took charge to deal with these issues.

Perry laid out his plans for environmental and job creation policies.

Perry spoke of incentives put in place in Texas that have drastically reduced greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

“We did it in spite of the EPA,” Perry said.

“We can have a renaissance of manufacturing like this country’s never seen before,” Perry said as to why he believes lowering the corporate tax rate would give an incentive for manufactures to come back on shore.

In addition, if he were elected president, Perry said he would build up the military.

Perry, who recognized all of the veterans in attendance, said the U.S. has the smallest army in the country since June of 1940, “and we are about to cut it another 40,000 because of sequestration.”

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