New England Witch Hunts Revisited

Leftist Mob mentality and hysteria has no place in society and is dangerous. It has gone too far. It MUST end now!
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By Ray DiLorenzo

It seems we have entered a new version of the 17th century witch hunts in New England.  The country now finds it acceptable to persecute people for their beliefs, religion and political persuasion as well as looking in every corner for something that offends.

In a country gone mad, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are racist.  Gender restrictions in bathrooms are sexist.  Santa Claus saying “ho, ho, ho” is offensive to prostitutes.  ‘Manhole’ is now ‘maintenance hole.’  In Seattle, Easter eggs are now ‘spring spheres’ in order to not offend anyone who doesn’t celebrate Easter.  A student at Sonoma State University was told to take off her cross because someone could be offended (I didn’t know vampires were admitted to the State University system).  Profiling in airport security areas is racist, so every grandma and grandpa is almost strip searched.  The Obama administration has banned all government agencies’ training materials from linking Islam with terrorism.  An entire high school track team was disqualified because one of the students made a gesture thanking God after crossing the finish line.

The United States Supreme Court has recently stuck their finger out as well legalizing what millions of Americans consider perverse and contrary to God’s law.  A Christian husband and wife in Oregon has been fined $135,000 for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.  At the same time, I see no lawsuits against Muslim bakeries.  The Supreme Court has proved once again they are not always the wisest.  In 1857, the Court in Dred Scott vs. Sanford, declared that blacks could not be American citizens.  In 1896, the SCOTUS declared, in Plessy vs. Ferguson, that segregation was legal.

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We have become a nation of apologists, paranoids and cranks.  While many people are busy pointing fingers, others are asking forgiveness for something obscure.  Look at the news on TV.  Who confessed lately?  Who’s offended today?

The New England witch hunts began in approximately 1645 and lasted through 1693.  It was a time of fear and ignorance.  Today, it is not very different.  In a culture that effects crudeness and an education system that mass produces ignorance, while a political class tells people their poverty is someone else’s fault, we are in danger, once again, of becoming a nation filled with mass hysteria and darkness.

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Let me revisit history and remind everyone that 22 people were executed in the period 1692-3 alone.  Not long ago, Hitler convinced an educated and industrial nation that Jews were the cause of much of their problems resulting in the deaths of 6 million people.  Mob mentality and hysteria has no place in society and is dangerous.  It has gone too far.  Let it end now!

Please, if anyone is losing sleep, getting pale, missing work, experiencing loss of appetite, unable to focus or just offended by this article, I apologize.

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