Obama Abandons 3 Americans Held Hostage in Iran

“That is simply unbelievable. Refusing to discuss the Americans being held hostage by Iran at the bargaining table and rejecting any congressional attempt to make any deal with Iran contingent on the release of the Americans is unacceptable. It’s quite frankly appalling,” the law group wrote in an update on Monday.

“This is despicable. This is outrageous. And it is an insult to the captive Americans and their families,
get in my way of making sure Iran gets nukes”Obama probably said behind

closed doors.

The Obama administration has refused to ask for the release of Pastor Saeed and the other imprisoned Americans at the bargaining table. And that is a tremendous mistake,” ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow wrote last week.

Over 190,000 people have signed an online petition started by the law group insisting that there should be no nuclear deal with Iran unless Abedini is freed.

On Tuesday, chief diplomats from the Obama Administration announced that they had struck a deal with Iran on the Islamist regime’s nuclear ambitions and the Western sanctions which have crippled the Iranian economy. Conspicuously absent from that deal, however, is the release of three high-profile Americans the Iranians are holding as political prisoners. Below, their stories, and how their actions threatened the Iranian regime so profoundly as to land them in prison indefinitely.

You’d think the $100 BILLION DOLLARS alone being released to Iran as a consequence of this “deal” would have been enough consideration for their release but for these facts:

  1. Iran is an uncivilized barbarian regime.
  2. One of them is a Christian.  Christianity is now outlawed in the United States (practically) thanks to Just-Us Kennedy and 4 corrupt judges.  And besides, Obama has muslim roots.
  3. The others are a Marine and a journalist
  4. It’s just too hard for Barry to do.  Like tying his own shoelaces.

Not only do the sanctions get lifted and funds unfrozen (which will greatly help both Iran’s nuclear weapons program but also it’s funding of their terrorist war against Yemen and Saudi Arabia) but the arms export embargo gets lifted.  Yayy…  How much you want to bet Obama sells F-22 Raptors to Iran?  Supposedly this deal has some inspections (excluding military sites) making it worthless, some reduction in Uranium enrichment but is incredibly weak.  Iran still has a nuclear weapons program and has more money now with which to fund it.

Now the fun part will be in the coming hours after Obama the Jug-Eared Traitor “spikes the football” of his own “greatness” will be Iran DENYING THAT IT AGREED TO ANY OF THIS as they celebrate with some enthusiastic “Death to America” chants.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  If you live in the DC or NYC areas, the clock is ticking.  Iran is going to destroy one or both of those cities soon as they have nukes at the prototype stage.  A nuclear armed Iran coupled with Obama’s open borders is going to do to many Americans what Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez did to Kate Steinle.


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