Big Media Responds to the Iran Nuke Deal

Big Media responds to the Iran deal.

• What do you need to know about the deal? Take your pick of summaries of the fine print by AP, CNN, the Jerusalem Post and Daily Telegraph (one and two). If you have the stamina, read the full 159-page agreement.

• The Daily Telegraph notably summarizes what the agreement doesn’t cover — human rights, Western prisoners, Syria, funding for Hezbollah or Hamas, or personal freedoms.

Olli Heinonen
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Olli Heinonen

• Hmmmm. According to AP, opposition leader Isaac Herzog is flying to Washington to discuss Israel’s objections. More at the Times of Israel.

• President Obama asserted that inspectors will get access any suspicious location anytime, anywhere. Is that what the accord says? Not exactly, found CBS News.

And former IAEA official Olli Heinonen discussed monitoring with Foreign Policy. Iran buying time to cover up problematic sites is one part of the issue.

While Heinonen said it might seem reasonable to have to justify the need for an inspection, foreign intelligence agencies supplying the atomic energy agency with evidence of a breach in the agreement might not be willing to disclose that intelligence to the Iranians.

• The UN Security Council is expected to vote next week on endorsing the agreement.

• International reactions: The New York Times picked up on Benyamin Netanayhu’s criticisms.

• Notably, Canada to keep sanctions against Iran in place despite nuclear deal.

• If you like playing envoyspotting in Israel, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond is flying in today. And US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter will visit next week.

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Meanwhile, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius accepted an invitation to visit Iran. And Britain’s talking about reopening its embassy in Tehran by the end of the year.

• AP, the Washington Post and New York Times rounded up Arab reactions.

• Worth reading: The Wall St. Journal (click via Google News) examines the Arab world’s options. Which states will play along with Washington, and at what point might a Sunni nuclear deterrent emerge?

Reuters wonders if a a Nobel Peace Prize for Iran is in the offing . . .

• There’s no breakthrough in the deal for Jason Rezaian, the Washington Post reporter on trial in Tehran on espionage charges.

• President Obama wasted no time selling the agreement in an interview with his favorite New York Times columnist, Tom Friedman. Read Friedman’s write up or watch the full interview.

• Former Iranian negotiator Hossein Mousavian got Daily Telegraph op-ed soapbox to plug the agreement.

• It’s hard to see Israel preventing the agreement from getting ratified. Too many players want this agreement, and Israel activists will have an uphill fight in Congress. That’s the general assessment of APDan Ephron, and Ron Kampeas.

• Israeli officials continued speaking out in press. Ambassador Ron Dermer got op-ed space in the Washington Post and appeared on CNN. Michael Herzog (a retired IDF officer and brother of opposition leader Isaac Herzog) weighed in at The Guardian. And Mark Regev appeared on CNN. Here’s Dermer:

• Once sanctions are lifted, it’ll be harder for Israel to legally justify a preemptive strike on Iran. Yonah Bob explains why:

As long as UN sanctions are in place, the legal record of Iran’s history at violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, of UN resolutions and actions framing Iran as a violator and of the failure of those actions to stop Iran’s push for the bomb are still the narrative.

Mitch Ginsburg and Ron Ben-Yishai remind everyone that Israel’s military option still exists.

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• Here’s what else I’m reading about the Iran deal . . .

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• Former US officials James Woolsey, Dennis Ross, Sandy Berger and retired Gen. Michael Hayden discussed the deal with PBS NewsHour.

• Staff-eds weighed in on the agreement as well. The New York Times gave it a thumbs up, while the Washington Post and Daily Telegraph were more sober. The Times of London called it a weak deal and reckless gamble. And the Wall St. Journal (click via Google News) was surprisingly thorough and authoritatively detailed in its criticisms.

See more staff-eds in The Independent, New York Daily News, Financial Times (click via Google News), New York Post, Miami HeraldChicago Sun-Times, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Globe Mail, Boston GlobePittsburgh Tribune-Review, Toronto StarPhiladelphia Inquirer,

Featured image: Heinonen via YouTube/Council on Foreign Relations

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