John McCain Denounces Iran Deal, Says ‘We’re Losing Badly’ to ISIS

Sen. John McCain is denouncing the Iran deal as having “fundamental flaws.”

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Signal, the Arizona Republican said “there are fundamental flaws in this agreement” with Iran, but acknowledged he doesn’t know if there will be the votes in the Senate to override a veto from President Obama.

“I think we are going to make a compelling argument, but there’s a lot of pressures that an administration can put on one of these senators … but I look forward to the debate,” McCain commented.

Asked about ISIS, McCain said, “We’re losing and we’re losing badly.” He added:

They are succeeding and they have a capitol and they control territory and they’re now spreading. They’re now spreading into Afghanistan … They’re winners in the view of these radical Islam[ists]—by the way,the president refuses to call it radical Islam. Amazing.—So yes, they’re winning.

Talking about the Department of Defense’s push to allow transgender soldiers to serve in the military, McCain said that we need to know more. “I just think there are a lot of questions to ask … first of all I want to know its effect on readiness.”

You can view the entire interview as McCain addresses several issues:

  • 0:10 Are there enough Democrat votes to vote down an Iran deal and to override a presidential veto?
  • 0:50 What do you think about transgender troops serving in the military?
  • 1:30 Are we losing to ISIS and should Americans be concerned?
  • 2:50 Donald Trump said you were weak on immigration. Do you agree?
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  1. Unwittingly or not McCain is part of the problem supporting the insurgency against Assad, many of those insurgents whom later have joined ISIS. John McCain advocating that we arm the “rebels… the freedom fighters…” aka ISIS to fight Assad in Syria.

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