Hillary Clinton Praises Deal With Iran: ‘What Are Our Alternatives?’

DOVER, N.H. – Former secretary of state and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton praised President Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran during a town hall meeting Thursday night.cinton and obama in Islamic clothes

“It basically does put a lid, for a time period, on the Iranian program,” Clinton said.

On Tuesday, the United States and other world powers reached a diplomatic deal with the Iranian regime, lifting economic sanctions on Tehran in exchange for limiting its nuclear program.

Clinton said she understands the opposite point of view, saying some have raised legitimate concerns that Tehran will “cheat.”

“There are people on the other side of this who I respect,” Clinton said.

“I think it is a respectable argument,” she continued. “However, I am going to ask, what are our alternatives?”

She promised “intrusive” inspections and “sophisticated” monitoring of Tehran’s nuclear program.

“Do I trust the Iranians?” she said. “Absolutely not.”

She said the agreement allows us to “tackle the other serious problems Iran poses.”

“I am hoping that we move forward on this agreement with our eyes wide open,” Clinton said.

Clinton also discussed her economic platform, and how it differs from that of her opponents.

“They still believe that if you cut taxes on the wealthy, if you lift regulations on corporations, that somehow, economic activity will trickle down to all the rest of them, of us,” Clinton said.

“We tried that and it hasn’t worked,” she continued.

She said the choice between her proposed economic policy and that of her opponents is not “left or right,” but “forward or backward.”

She said she supports “comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship.”

Clinton was briefly interrupted by protesters who shouted “act on climate.”

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