Meet two Americans whose money was stolen by the IRS

By Herman Cain

I’ve told my story before of my dealings with the IRS – how they decided to audit me after I publicly criticized President Bill Clinton on national television and forced me to spend significant money on lawyers and accountants just to prove I had done nothing wrong. This is their game and they like to play it. There is no federal agency with more leeway to harass Americans who have broken no law and failed to pay no taxes.

So it’s hardly new that the IRS treats people badly, although the targeting of conservative organizations that has taken place under the Obama Administration has taken it to new heights.

They’re not done, though. Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported on two Americans who have had their money seized by the IRS simply because the government didn’t like the amounts of money they were withdrawing from their own bank accounts.

One is a small business owner named Khalid Quran from Greenville, North Carolina. He owns several convenience stores. The other is a dairy farmer from Maryland named Randy Sowers. The IRS seized the entire $150,000 Mr. Quran had saved for retirement, while nabbing nearly $63,000 from Mr. Sowers. In both cases, the only basis for seizing the money was a pattern of bank withdrawals just under $10,000 that prompted their banks to alert the government lest anything suspicious be going on.

But nothing suspicious was going on. They weren’t dealing drugs. They weren’t laundering money. They weren’t funding criminal activity. They weren’t paying anyone hush money. They were just making legal transactions using their own accounts and their own legally earned money.

Now both men have had to seek the help of the Virginia-based Institute for Justice to try to get their money back from the IRS, which seems to think it’s entitled to keep it.

This is the game the IRS always plays. Whatever resources you have, they have more. Whatever knowledge you have of the law and the rules of the game, they have more. Even if you’re totally right and they don’t have a legal leg to stand on, they still refuse to give you justice and dare you to show them what you’re going to do about it.

The only thing that ever gets the IRS to do the right thing is public exposure, and even then they probably won’t act unless under orders from the White House because someone there has become concerned about the political embarrassment of people knowing what’s going on. That’s why Trey Gowdy’s hearings in the House of Representatives have been so important. He has called IRS chieftains John Koskinen and Lois Lerner on the carpet continually and doggedly, absolutely refusing under any circumstances to stop seeking the truth or to let anyone cover it up.

That is the only thing the IRS fears, which is why we need to subject them to more of it. Congress can make a difference. Conservative media can make a difference because the mainstream media obviously never will. As always, it starts with people knowing what’s going on. Mr. Quran and Mr. Sowers deserve their money back, and so do a lot of other people who had the same thing done to them.

This is our government, my friends. It’s supposed to work for us. And it’s on us to make sure they do.

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