Jackasses, Crazies And The Washington Criminal Elites

by Keith Davies

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”
? Samuel Adams

Our country is imploding because our people as a whole are not paying attention to the corruption, criminality and insanity of our political leaders. While our leaders in both parties are guilty of many abuses of power, the people and media are also culpable in the self-destruction of our country with similar behavior. We vote and elect these clowns who want political power to line their own pockets yet the (minority) ones that are trying to do the right thing are ostracized by the so-called “moderates.” We have elected leaders based on the hearts of the people. This ain’t pretty my fellow patriots. Its time for a leader who represents the values of our founders.

The media and the public are obsessed with Donald Trump and for opposing reasons.

The reason why we at Shoebat.com like Donald Trump (and we believe why he is leading in the polls) is because of his honest raw politically incorrect style, along with his willingness to fight back and not stand down. We also believe he is a patriot, successful businessman and knows how to campaign with the gloves off. In the last election and the one before both Republican candidates campaigned with one hand tied behind their back and never made personal attacks on Obama despite the fact that Obama used the most low down tactics even accusing Romney of murder by one of his surrogates. Trump will use hard-hitting language and fight like a lion, attacking his enemy’s head on in order to win. This is what is resonating with the Republican base and you bet the Reagan type Democrats can be also won over ( I know for a fact as I have spoken to Democrats who voted for Reagan and Trump is their man) along with the rank and file union worker (but not the Union bosses).

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It is amusing to watch the elitist political class like Senator John McCain call Trump’s supporters “Crazies” and Senator Lindsey Graham who calls Trump a “Jackass.” Then Marco Rubio calls Trump “Classless,” yet the comments on Trump by the two Senators is acceptable and not “classless.” The hypocrisy as usual from these old corrupt farts who should be in old age homes, not leaders in the United States Congress.

It is also a very strong probability that Trump if he is the Republican nominee for President will win New York (and even possibly New Jersey and Connecticut) in the general election because he is very popular in his home town (over half the New York electorate lives in the city). Amongst the average worker along with the conservative majority of Republicans which live in up state New York State he would defeat the “untrustworthy” Hilary Clinton. If Trump wins New York and Florida along with the same states Romney won in 2012 Trump wins the Presidency hands down and easily. I believe Scott Walker also has a good chance to win but it will be a tougher road for him as he needs Ohio and Florida as it is unlikely he can win New York. Jeb Bush is also a front-runner but the Republican base will sit at home if he is nominated, which will allow Clinton to win.

Our political leaders based in Washington and in many of our states are awash with corrupt and lying politicians, who have sacrificed their country for the sake of their own greed and power, as well as stupidity and weakness in standing up to this behaviour. Many of the people you support as the “good” guys have also failed to deliver change, sometimes it has not been their fault and sometimes they are just too afraid to upset the applecart as it will undermine their ability to get the GOP Congressional/Senatorial committee financial backing for their re-election. We have exposed some of these weasels on are blog over the past few years.

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One thing is for certain our country is in a desperate need of a leader to restore the Great Republic to an “Arsenal of Democracy” (a phrase first used by a Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt when he pushed through the Lend Lease Bill to help the British who were standing alone against Nazi Germany prior to the U.S entry in to World war 2). America needs to rebuild its military based on the growing threats, it needs to roll back the welfare state and restore incentive to work, along with recreating the opportunity to work. The Obama care law needs to be replaced with a true market system while protecting the vulnerable. We need a leader who knows how to negotiate and act only for the interests of the United states and its allies, as well make the case for military action to protect the United States from Muslim terrorists and other mortal enemies as needed. Finally we need a president who is proud of his country and the good it has done and what is can do to protect the free world.

Donald Trump has a record of success, gets things built and done, does not stand for failure and will get America back on track. His style is brash which ticks off some, (Republican tick off Democrats and Democrats tick off Republicans, so that is no big deal), but he is a populist and entertains as well as being a patriot. Based on the “cult of personality” culture today in America his populist style might be the medicine we need to save America and the world from the mess that has been created by the real Jackasses, Crazies and Washington Criminal elites we have had to suffer for the last decade or so.

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