The Donald IS the Man; But NOBODY Can Assault Megyn Kelly With Impunity!


By John W. Lillpop

In my humble view, the Donald was spot on with his rants about criminals running the nation of Mexico and the parasites that that nation sends north as invading aliens for American taxpayers to care for!

The REAL moron when it comes to illegal aliens is the entire Democrat Party, and RINO Jeb Bush who poses as a Republican while harboring many of the inanities common to progressive “thinkers” like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown and other moon bats too goofy to mention.

When it comes to Trump’s tirade against Hispanic parasites and their Democrat enablers, The Donald could not be more correct! By focusing the nation’s attention on the illegal alien morass, Trump deserves a gold metal, a in likeness of himself on the front porch of the White House, and yes, perhaps a serious shot at the presidency for delving in truth, a rare adventure for any politician of any persuasion to pursue in the modern-day blood sport of presidential politics!

But as strongly as I support The Donald, his “bloody” dispute with the lovely, intelligent, and very conservative Megyn Kelly of Fox News goes beyond the pale. After all, it’s one thing to lambaste 140 million brain-dead Mexicans who richly deserve to be put in their proper places, but it’s quite another thing to take on the Queen and goddess of conservative television hosts, the unflappable, and incomparable, Megyn Kelly, and the one woman who may have the grit, guts, beauty, and brains to save America from the slippery slope that Barack Obama has pushed us down!

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Although the media appears to have gone way overboard by interpreting Trump’s remarks as referring to Kelly’s menstrual cycle, the fact is that Trump erred in pouncing of Kelly so hard.

The best solution would be for Trump to take a deep breath, issue a quasi-apology, and move on!

But can he bring himself to do that?

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  1. Donald Trump, veteran business mogul of, who knows, hundreds of tough business encounters with adversaries he’s termed as “killers.” How can a question put to him by Megyn Kelly set him afire so easily? I doubt it was her intent to belittle him, but Trump showed a very thin skin for a guy who has decided he wants to be President of the United States. I repeat, “President of the United States!”
    As for Rosie O’Donnell, she stood up to Trump, and that’s a mighty personal insult to him. He had the last word, he established her as a “fat pig.” That’s got to hurt, even someone with the “bravado” of Rosie. I’d wager that her weight has been called to her attention all her life. Trump practically boasted when responding to Megyn’s question about Trump’s attitudes to women. He said, “only Rosie O’Donnell.” Perhaps he believes he should receive sugar-coated questions from a debate moderating panel, but we who vote do need to see how easily a candidate falls apart and turns ugly. It was the second question of the evening, the first question asked the candidates to affirm that if they didn’t come out on top, they’d rally behind the winner? Trump declined that, but why didn’t any others do likewise?
    I suggest that the others wanted to win, even if they weren’t the leader at the end. Trump is a one-man operator, he is very centered in himself, he must prevail or there’s hell to pay. He stands out in that regard, the others on that stage want to win too, but they accept the fact that they’re all equals on that stage until proven who is the winner.
    I don’t like the retaliation by Trump of Megyn Kelly. She’s a blonde, but not a “Bimbo.” This begs the question whether Donald knows the difference. Megyn Kelly has been a prosecutor/attorney before a news personality. She obviously can ask hard questions unabashedly. She’s a strong person, a Mom of three kids and a happy marriage. This is a “bimbo?”
    Donald’s a blonde-type too, is he a “bimbo?” Megyn didn’t intend to insult him, but he is insulted easily. People should make note of that. I doubt if anyone could insult President Reagan, if they did, he cooly brushed it off . Trump is not unflappable, as a matter of fact, his flaw is very revealing. I must admit I was taken by his feistiness, but his thin-skinned, practically paranoid personality would not be a good match for the White House, except as an occasional visitor. I admire his business acumen, but he cannot be diplomatic in affairs of the state. He cannot be questioned, his word is gospel and not to be questioned. He’d go ballistic at anyone not agreeing with him. We have already lived with a one-man operation for the last seven years. Has America become so susceptible to men with tyrannical streaks that the country would be crazy enough to repeat the mistake of 2008? Not that Trump is a liar like Obama is, but his words would have to go unchallenged, and that’s not the way a constitutional republic was designed to function. We’re still in good shape, however. There are outstanding candidates vying for the office of President. Let’s not lose sight of their excellent characteristics, they’re the best in a long time.


  2. SCREW apologizing to that snarky smirking bitch. She came on like he had turned her down at a singles bar once upon a time.

    • Max:
      Only on the Internet can a guy be insulated enough to call a female “snarky smirking bitch.” With all due respect, I believe you’re taking Trump’s anger too far. He wasn’t satisfied with the pond of flesh he thought he was drawing from Megyn Kelly, and neither are you. If you have a wife, or a daughter, I hope they don’t see how you express yourself on a venue like this.
      Sorry, bud, but that’s no way to express one’s manhood. What do you mean “turned her down at a single bars?” She’s a darned fine looking young woman. I’m sure many men have valued her feminine good looks and fine, educated, mind with admiration. I’ll leave it at that.
      Trump’s had the best of times, I doubt if he ever went hunting in a “Single’s Bar.” Not in the circles in which he’s traveled. I doubt if she did either.
      Some of us have other type mediums in which to meet nice people.

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