Establishment-Friendly Republicans Drowning as Trump, Cruz and Carson Take Off

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Republican presidential candidates favored by the party establishment have lost ground  since the first GOP debate, according to a new poll, with Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio all struggling the summer before voting starts.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has fallen from 15% earlier this month to fourth place among Republican nationally, according to the Fox News survey, with just 9% support. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is tied for fifth place at 6%—down from 9%—and Rubio, the Senator from Florida is in ninth place at 5%. Donald Trump leads GOP field nationally, with the support of 25% of Republicans.

Donald Trump as well as other anti-establishment candidates, including retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, have also risen, capturing 12% and 10% in the Fox News poll, respectively. Since Donald Trump has led the anti- establishment movement  the media favorites like Jeb Bush have lost ground and candidates such as Ted Cruz and Carson had jumped up in popularity.

The poll does not necessarily reflect the preferences of likely Republican voters and caucusgoers in the key early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire, but recent surveys have found Trump, in the lead and Cruz and Carson gaining as well over the Establishment-Friendly Republicans whom are quickly loosing ground.

Rush Limbaugh reported this week that Scott Walker has also joined Trump and Cruz in criticizing the GOP establishment this week. Limbaugh said: “This is Scott Walker joining Ted Cruz. What is starting to happen here — and we’re going to note it as it happens. Right now, it’s just barely a trickle. But what is beginning to happen here is that you have Trump over here doing what he’s doing, and you’ve got Cruz here doing what he’s doing next to Trump.

And now you’re starting to see other members of the pack from the remaining 14 try to distance themselves from the pack and get closer to what Trump and Cruz are doing. I call it the me-too phase.”

Today, Trump’s joining Cruz in the criticism of the Republican leadership in Washington and Congress. So this is beginning to take place. Now, Jeb Bush is never gonna do that. Jeb Bush is never gonna leave the pack.

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