Slovakian Government Says They Will Only Accept Christians Who Are Being Persecuted By Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat



The Slovakian government will now be accepting Christians who are persecuted by Muslims. The UN is telling Slovakia that they must as well take in Muslims, but Slovakia is firmly responding: ‘We will only take Christians!’

Interior ministry spokesman Ivan Metik said that Muslims would not feel at home in Slovakia because there are no mosques in the nation. He said:

We could take 800 Muslims but we don’t have any mosques in Slovakia so how can Muslims be integrated if they are not going to like it here?

Babar Baloch, Central Europe spokesman for the UN’s refugee agency (UNHCR), said:

Resettlement is greatly needed for many refugees who are at extreme risk among the world’s most vulnerable groups. …We encourage governments to take an inclusive approach while considering refugees for resettlement and should not base their selection on discrimination.

But Slovakia is still sticking with what it wants and that is, persecuted Christians only.


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  1. Europe, perhaps, remembers that the US (Clinton) threw international law and the UN to the wolves and bombed Belgrade for 84 days to give the Caliphate its first ethnically cleansed emirates (Bosnia and Kosovo) in Europe after 1489. Perhaps, unlike the Pope and the Queen, some “Christians” are not too enthused about the brisk trade in Yazidi women, the vandalism of ancient land marks and the ubiquitous replication of the Rotherham model from Bangalore to Sweden. Why don’t the Arab Nations help refugees? If they did, it would be most un Islamic. A fundamental tenet of Islam is to roll over the World and establish a global caliphate on the rubble of all civilization. Using demography and demagoguery are both strategies recommended by Mahomet as is dissimulation. For another, Islam has no regard for human life. It does exploit others’ regard for human life for such a regard is a symptom of civilization that Mahomet has chartered Mahamuttons to destroy. The US created this problem. They have the space. They should take the refugees.

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