Europes Migrant crisis: Macedonia declares state of emergency

( Struggling to cope with thousands of refugees and migrants passing through the country, Macedonia’s government declares a state of emergency on its southern and northern borders.

If NATO really want’s peace in Syria western nations need to stop sending weapons to Syria and stop to support different opposition groups; stop the Saudi Arabia and Turkey from sending weapons to the rebels and you have to start serious negotiation about ceasefire.

The governments of Europe have so far failed to agree any common policy to cope with the increasing numbers of people arriving.

According to state television, the Macedonian government said it would bring in the army to tackle the situation.

On Wednesday Macedonia pleaded for neigbouring countries to send more train carriages to carry more passengers. But the UN High Committe for Refugees (UNHCR) urged the Macedonian government to find a site to house some 1,500-2,000 migrants now arriving every day. In May that number was 200.

Many have criticized the Western intervention in Syria and Libya, arguing that the NATO bombing campaign helped to destabilize the countries, thus contributing to Europe’s current predicament and  refugee problem that is destabilizing Europe.

The fanaticism of President Obama to back insurgents in Syria, what they have done is to destabilize Syria, to turn it into a country of much savagery and a place where for Christians the situation is virtually impossible, the same is happening in Libya as well.

With an anti-immigration rhetoric sweeping across Europe, and EU countries squabbling to come to an agreement to help re-settle refugees stranded by the migrant crisis, the situation continues to worsen in Syria, leaving many to ponder the results of one of the West’s foreign interventions and terrible idea to back Islamist to fight the governments.


21,000 people landed on Greek shores during the last week alone, the flow of migrants is unlikely to diminish. A passenger ship sent to Kos to act as a floating registration centre is expected to dock in the northern port of Thessaloniki on Thursday. If the passengers are allowed to disembark there it is highly likely they too will head for the Macedonian city of Gevgelija.

Hungary is building a new fence to keep migrants out, Serbia is now become a new bottleneck.

In July 2015 a record 107,000 migrants arrived in Europe according to border agency Frontex, an increase of 35 per cent on the total arrivals in June, and three times more than arrived in July 2014.

Frontex Executive Director Fabrice Leggeri said on Wednesday “this is an emergency situation for Europe that requires all EU member states to step in and support the national authorities who are taking on a massive number of migrants at its borders.”

Even the immigrant friendly country of Germany has has enough, they warned that it could not go on taking 40 per cent of the new arrivals, and echoed the call for fellow EU states to accept more people.

Britain too has rejected an EU plan to resettle people according to a quota, insisting the focus must be on stabilising the countries that the migrants are coming from to stop the flow.

Denmark has no more places to house refugees!

Denmark’s capacity to admit migrants is near breaking point. With 12,000 refugees searching for a place to live, nearly a third of the nation’s struggling municipalities say that they have little to offer newcomers.

In the Czech Republic, Syrian and North African refugees are not welcome, but more Czechs willing to take in Ukrainians. 

From Ceskenoviny:

The Czech Republic should not accept any refugees from Syria, this is the view held by 71 percent of Czechs.

The Slovak government: we will only take Christian refugees as permanent residents.

From the Slovak Spectator:

THE SLOVAK government remains reluctant to take in refugees within the proposed European schemes and has recently conceded to accept 100 people from Syria under the condition they are Christians, but has agreed to provide temporary shelter for migrants that have already arrived in Austria.

The Slovak government: we will only take Christian refugees as permanent residents.

The chaos allows easy entry of jihadist Muslims who want to mass murder European infidels. A report from Le Figaro this week said over 1700 suicide bombers are ready to attack France. So Europe doesn’t need to import any more trouble than it already has.

While Hungary is clamping down on migrants and building a wall, police chief Karoly Papp announced more than 2,000 so-called ‘border hunter’ patrols with dogs, horses, and helicopters would be sent to the frontier from September as reinforcements to the already heavy security presence.

The ruling Fidesz party said it was considering deploying the army to help stem the influx, after unrest erupted at a refugee registration centre at Roszke, with police firing tear gas at migrants. 

Illegal migrants are becoming increasingly aggressive, we cannot tolerate what happened in Roszke, we cannot accept this aggression,’ said Szilard Nemeth, a senior party figure and deputy head of the National Security parliamentary committee.

Europe struggles with its worst migrant crisis since World War II.

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  1. It is well known that the illegal immigration invasion in Europe is part of the US plan to DESTROY Europe. The US needs Europe & Russia bankrupt and China on its knee in order to rule the world. (and to impose TTIP & TPP)
    Everything the US is doing is creating chaos and destruction for the sole profit of their financial mafia.The US completely ruined Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and other countries from Africa.

    Berlusconi had a firm agreement with Gaddafi to STOP all the illegal immigrants to cross Mediterana from the North of Africa to Europe. But US murdered Gaddafi…

    Now the desperate, uprooted illiterate illegal immigrants from those countries are flooding Europe creating countless of economic/ financial and social problems. How many of them despise us for our immoral libertine society? How many of them are resentful and hate us for creating ”revolutions” to try to impose ”Western democracies” in their countries (and destroed their countries in the process)? How many of them are trained ISIS terrorists?

    And realistically speaking – how many more people can Europe support? Our resources are NOT limitless (think houses, hospitals, schools, infrastructure, etc)… The invasion of illegal immigrants are NOT a blessing but a curse on the long run… Open your eyes and do not lie yourself!

    Why the businesses do not train our young Europeans to do all the free jobs we have? Why do we need ”new blood” (immigrants) for our jobs? Why the business do not try to find a solution for our youngsters who must be integrated in the work force? The business MUST work with the human resources we already have – otherwise the natives who won’t be able to find a job will revolt one day and the gov will be force to face the consequences…

    On top of it Europe is struggling with the consequences of the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the US (see Biden speech from 2014 Harvard)

    How long the Europeans will resist?

    An extremely QUICK solution for Europe would be to SHIP all the illegal immigrants to US (the main culprit). They have enough free land and rich financial mafia (Wall Street gangsters like $oro$ and MIC profiteers) which can pay the transport, integration and welfare for all these unfortunate people.

    BTW: IF all the Syrians, Afghans, Libyans, Iraqis will leave their home-countries – who will stay to fight against ISIS? Who will stay to fight for their own countries?

  2. Clinton set the precedent. He Bombed Belgrade back to the stone ages to give Islam its first two ethnically cleansed enclaves (Kosovo and Bosnia) in Europe after 1489. The US aka The White Hice aka The State Department aka the CIA know the solution to every problem: (1) Bomb some civilization back to the Stone Ages or (2) Engineer a Regime Change as in the Arab Spring, Iraq, Ukrine, Libya etc. etc. The intended result is almost always to hand over the remains of a civilization to barbarians of Islam or even Fascism as in Ukraine. This is probably why London, Paris, Stockholm and Skopje are finding ways to do nothing about the Moslem question while pretending to do something.

  3. The Ottoman Empire flourished from approximately 1300 to 1918. During that time period, the Ottomans infested SE Europe, in addition to SW Asia and NE Africa.
    Clinton will be Kosovo’s benefactor, the man who used his position to make war on Serbia and gift Kosovo officially to Muslims who had lived in the Kosovo portion of Serbia and also Albania. The Balkans are laced with Islam’s infiltrations and by now it must be evident to all that we cannot wish peaceful coexistence between Balkan Christians and Muslims. Europe has tried to “wish it all away” with its collective head buried in the sand, and it’s very evident that wishing doesn’t get it done. With that truth so evident, it’s clear that the Balkans, or any other part of Europe for that matter, cannot absorb anymore Muslim migration. They must stop such migration and the time is already late in stopping it.Deportations must take place throughout! What is killing the EU is “political correctness,” yet wherever Islamic nations exist, “political correctness” is non-existent, instead the death sentence is the rule. Even Muslims running away from their homelands cannot resist flouting existing EU laws and instead respect only laws of Sharia which can be very harsh.
    We have seen what problems Muslims bring to North America, and Obama is behind this. He is either a practicing Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer. He has brought Muslim fanatics into our country, and while he’s President either he or his government will treat Muslim criminals as brothers. He’ll be gone in about a year, after which Muslims here will have to go against their dogmatic instincts or be gone from here.
    They don’t necessarily want North America, nor Europe. They have been indoctrinated in their mosques to wish only for the conquest of Christendom, wherever it exists.

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