Facts About Muslims Everyone Needs to Know

Muslims make themselves despised and distrusted wherever they go for good reason.

If you’re wondering why people have that feeling of contempt and disgust and animosity towards the Muslims, the fact is that the Muslims make themselves unwelcome wherever they go by their own misbehavior and their demands much like some other minority races in American.

The first thing that the Muslims do, after they infiltrate a non-Islamic Country, is to build their growing Muslim slums around their Mosques and segregate themselves from the Natives of the host Country. Thanks to the many problems that are caused by the Muslims when they enter any neighborhood, the others leave that neighborhood, land prices plummet and the Muslim slums begin to get established and grow. The largest majority of the Muslims who immigrate here are the uneducated, unskilled, unemployable ones who take on dead end low paying jobs like cab drivers, janitors, bus boys, waiters, take away attendants, butchers etc. And, they go and have large families where the children cannot afford the luxury of getting a decent education since they need to chip in to support the family finances and this is why a lot of the Muslim kids end up joining Muslim Gangs and there are spates of rising petty crimes and rape and the like wherever the Muslims go and the perpetrators are largely the Muslims. Inevitably, you see the LGBT being attacked and beaten up, local women being harassed and raped, petty thefts happening all over and, of late, the sale of Afghan drugs etc.

Since the Muslims breed like pigs, the Muslim slums begin to grow exponentially to house the rising numbers and more and more of the locals are forced out of their own homes as the Muslims take over. Then, the Muslims begin to have their Muslim Patrols which are aimed , basically, at keeping their own Muslims following their religious restrictions, but, their bigotry and violence, more often than not, spills over to the neighboring areas and the locals now begin to feel total animosity towards these immigrants who have now made themselves totally unwelcome there.

 Demonstration in Marseille, France
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Demonstration in Marseille, France

To make matters worse, the inept Politicians and their ineffectual Governments refuse to handle the Muslim Menace because they are wooing the Muslims for their narrow political gains. The multiculturalists and secularists make a bigger mess of things by supporting the Muslims in stupid things like the issue about people wishing each other a Merry Christmas which some Muslims took objection to and the like. Incidents with Partisan attitudes being displayed towards the Muslims and causing injustice towards the locals happen and these add fuel to the already blazing fire. Muslims, emboldened by the stupidity of these Liberals and their PC Brigades and Apologists etc, step up their committing of atrocities and being abrasive with the local Natives.

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And, then, the numbers of the Muslims rise to such an extent that they need more Lebensraum [Living Space] and then the massive Muslim Hate Rallies begin and the Muslims demand the Islamic Zones, and then, the secession of the entire State for their own version of Pakistan there.

This is exactly what happened in Myanmar where the Bangladeshi Muslims infiltrated the border State of Rohingya and built their growing slums and then grew so big that they encroached upon the lands of the local Natives, which led to fights and rapes and murders of the local Native Buddhist Burmese and even burning of entire villages of Buddhists by the Muslims till the local Native Buddhists were forced to flee to neighboring Rakhine and the Muslims had the whole of Rohingya. After a decade, the Muslims numbers grew so much that they attacked the neighboring Rakhine and that is when the Burmese Army stepped in and slaughtered the Muslims there. Due to International pressure, the Burmese Government stupidly ordered the Army to stand down and that forced the people to take the Law into their own hands and the slaughter of the Muslims continues there.

This is going to happen in all other places in the World and we will all be steeped in Civil Wars and will lead to the escalations which will usher in the Third World War of the rest of the World against Islam and all the Muslims will be hunt down and killed and Islam completely destroyed, albeit, at the cost of heavy casualties to the rest of us.

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The only way in which we can avoid this from happening here is that the Muslims reduce their

numbers, which will never happen; or that the Governments crack down on the Muslims and stop their immigration, disenfranchise and deport all Muslims found to be indulging in anti-social activities and, as we all know, that is never going to happen either because the liberals cater to them for votes.

Therefore, there is only one option to the locals and that is to go the way that Myanmar did and we will have Civil Wars which will escalate into the Third World War when Islam will be completely destroyed and the Muslims hunted down and killed.

Pity, but, there is no way we can salvage the situation now. This is happening in many of the countries like France & UK the have such large populations of Muslims that the are demanding Sharia law be put in place and they have established no go zones just for Muslims in their own countries these and many other countries are now paying the price for allowing Muslims into their countries and then week politicians submitting to their demands. In the United states today we have over 8 million Muslims now and Obama is bringing in more daily and giving them housing, welfare, food stamps we are headed for many more terrorist attacks in our country as Obama sees fit to turn them loose on us.There is no good Muslim as they must follow the demands of their Mullah or die themselves in shame. So prepare yourselves you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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Muslims are not here to assimilate with us and our culture they are here for one reason and that is to breed more to aid domination of an area so they can start demanding we change our laws to Sharia Law and voting. Their goal is world domination it is what they are taught by the Koran. All Americans should read the Muslim Brotherhood plan for America. Today they have cleverly put in place a man to aid their causes worldwide by engendering the Muslim Barrack Hussein Obama as our president. They have a man on the inside with one goal and that is the destruction of America and Israel for Islam.
Negotiating terrorist or any Muslim is a joke? Like Hamas, Iran and others, you cannot negotiate with Muslims the Koran allows for them to deceive and lie to infidels to further the cause of ISLAM! They will never give up as it is their teaching that they must dominate the world and kill all infidels. They will never keep their word unless it will further the cause of ISLAM. They are inbreed low IQ hate filled, malevolent evil parasites that create nothing and destroy everything else and sadly they must be killed for there to be any world peace.

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