Muslims invade Europe by the tens of thousands; Chaos Ensues

1: Sweden now “Absurdistan”

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2. Hungarian police break out the tear gas to stop an attempt by UMIs (Unidentifiable Muslim Invaders) to break out of the refugee processing centers and make a break for Germany, their ultimate targets.

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3. Islamic State ‘blows up Palmyra funerary towers’

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Jihadist militants from Islamic State (IS) have blown up three funerary towers at the ancient city of Palmyra, Syria’s antiquities chief has said.

Maamoun Abdul Karim said they included the Tower of Elahbel, built in AD103 and one of the best-preserved.

The multi-storey sandstone monuments, standing outside the city walls in an area known as the Valley of the Tombs, belonged to rich Palmyrene families. Their demolition comes only days after IS blew up Palmyra’s two main temples.

(The BBC of course spins this to make it look like muslims are the victims. A cursory analysis of the reasons behind this event shows that it is in fact perfect islamic scriptural behaviour)

4. David Cameron: UK will take ‘thousands more’ Syrian refugees

(So long (England) and thanks for all the fish)

Britain will accept “thousands more” Syrian refugees, David Cameron has announced.

Amid growing international and domestic pressure, the Prime Minister said Britain would act “with our head and our heart” in response to the crisis.

But he did not give a precise figure on the number of Syrians who will be taken in, saying the details were still being finalised and would be announced next week.

“Given the scale of the crisis and the suffering of people, today I can announce that we will do more, providing resettlement for thousands more Syrian refugees,” Mr Cameron said during a visit to Spain.

5. Hungarian locals Vs. UMIs

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6. Flashback to February 2015: Islamic State threatens to flood Europe with refugees

While the world is consumed with horror over the plight of the refugees now flooding into Europe, it is useful to remember these threats that were made just six months ago.

“Islamic State ‘planning to use Libya as gateway to Europe,’” by Ruth Sherlock and Colin Freeman,Telegraph, February 17, 2015:

Islamic State militants are planning a takeover of Libya as a “gateway” to wage war across the whole of southern Europe, letters written by the group’s supporters have revealed.

7. Twin suicide bomb attacks kill many people in Camaroon

(No one seems to know who it was but synchronized bombing is an event that muslims have won at every competition since the early 70s)

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