Rationality is lost at sea on immigrant crisis.

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This week has seen David Cameron’s hard stance on immigration soften, after the unbearable report of the Syrian toddler drowned attempting to reach Greece from Turkey. There are calls to help refugees from Syria by allowing several tens of thousands to ‘resettle’ in the UK, as they are already in Germany and elsewhere.

At the same time, we saw footage of thousands of refugees refusing to disembark a Hungarian train, shouting ‘No Hungary, Yes Germany’. Surely Hungary is not a war zone? Were these refugees under threat there? No. The fact is these are people who yes, may be escaping horrors back home, but who are also extremely picky about what their destination will be – not humble old Hungary but rich and successful Germany. Frankly in rejecting their first safe haven – which Hungary surely is – they reject refugee status and attendant sympathy. In fact they are shown angrily rejecting even water and food from Hungarian police.

The little boy who drowned like so many others have before him, is part of this tragedy but his terrible death, like the other deaths, was avoidable. His family had already made it to Turkey – they already were in a safe haven for Muslims. They wanted to leave the camps in Turkey in hope for a better life in richer countries – of course that is understandable. But risking a 50% likelihood of drowning to that end – is that understandable? The reason for their dangerous attempt to reach Europe was explained by the surviving father’s sister in Canada – he needed dental work and they thought he would get it in Europe. They were safe, but left for reasons OTHER than simple refuge. Watch the video here please – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZUuoaq1MLM&sns=tw

What is being completely misunderstood is this: Syrians, Lybians, Eritreans – even Pakistanis and Afghans, who make up most of the refugees / immigrants we are seeing daily – is that in order to reach Europe they have crossed through numerous Muslim countries. Why have Syrians not attempted to seek refuge in the rich Gulf states? Or Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco? No – Muslim countries MUST do more to offer refuge to their brethren – they are quick enough to stand up (vocally but not with offer of shelter) for their Palestinian brethren but here – not a peep of help. Why should we take these people on where the line between refuge and enrichment is so blurred?

How would we like to live in those countries one might ask? Well – not at all – primarily because non-Muslim Westerners tend to be killed in Muslim lands these days.

[youtube QZUuoaq1MLM&sns nolink]

Today, I spoke to two people who gave a very different perspective on Muslim immigration.

Firstly, Emily, whom I have been raising funds for. Emily was raped and abused, sold and bought for sex over a period of more than a decade. By whom? By Muslim men in her home town of Peterborough. A lot has been heard about Rotherham, but in many of our poorer cities the situation is the same. Vulnerable young girls – children – are being raped, plied with drugs and groomed for sex by Muslim men. Peterborough is today almost completely Muslim – as non-Muslims leave if they can. Emily cannot unfortunately, and so it is a daily process to have to negotiate finding a GP who is not Muslim, a taxi driver who is not Muslim – as these all remind her of the rapists who stole her childhood.

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Recently Emily was attacked in her own home by a Muslim woman – this woman threatened to ‘behead’ Emily, just as ‘ISIS would’. She even threatened the policeman who attended with beheading. One would think this would elicit some kid of response, but the woman is still free to harass Emily daily. The police detective put in charge of her case was a Muslim. He decided there was no cause for prosecution. Would Emily like to welcome more Muslim immigrants do we think? No. I do not think she would. Nor would any non-Muslim resident of areas of the UK which are being colonised by Muslims today.

I was also talking a Polish immigrant I know today about this issue. She told me of the perspective of the Eastern European on Muslim immigration – and I literally could not believe my ears – yet I know it is all true.

My Polish friend is well educated, and has been helping her son in the UK, as well as working here. She works very hard – as most Poles do. She tells me she cannot believe the way that Muslim immigrants receive preferential treatment. In one job she did in a Sushi factory, Muslim women received their own special ‘Muslim’ hole in the ground toilet. They used water rather than loo roll to wash after using it – but no soap. They were allowed to pause work for prayers, and take days off for holy days. Catholic Poles on the other hand were not.

She has also helped out in a refugee centre. Incredibly she tells me the Muslims were the only groups NOT looking at the jobs board – only demanding things – and incredibly – getting them. They would say ‘I want, I want’ – and receive everything from Mobile phones, to clothing, to help with starting businesses. She had to leave eventually when she could no longer maintain the facade of politeness she was required to as Muslim children would say to her ‘Who are you? You are a woman! You are Nothing!’. For another immigrant who works hard to make a life here (she works several jobs so as not to take anything in benefits) it is galling to see Muslim immigrants receiving translators when she had to learn English, and receiving a free pass whether it comes to looking for work (or not), or even bring up their children with Western values (or Jihadi values).

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My Polish friend tells me amongst Poles they are now planning to move back home or looking to Australia or the US – she is worried about the future for her family – she tells me many of her friends are too. They can see that Muslims definitely receive special treatment – and they know that this is unsustainable – they are talking about leaving the country because of this.

Most of the people I know value Polish and other Eastern European immigrants for their hard work and strong values – we would be poorer as a nation without them labouring in our fields, factories, as vets and teachers. Muslims on the other hand are far less likely to be employed and far more likely to be in Prison. Do we really want to swap a group of people who work hard, share our values and contribute – often working several jobs – for a group which has 23% who have never worked a day in their lives, and 27% who agree violence is justified?

Incredibly, my Polish friend tells me about a friend of hers who married a Muslim man in Poland – all was well – they even married in church – until he started to tell her ‘You are my property – I can kill you’.

What I am trying to shine a light on, is that there is a very great difference in the way that far too many Muslims think about non-Muslims, women, and the rule of law, which is not immediately apparent, but which given a chance begins to seep through – with dangerous results.

The calls to help refugees are very noble – but what about looking after our own vulnerable young people, our sick and our elderly first? Those whose families have paid into the NHS, into the state – as with Emily – it is clear we are most definitely not looking after them properly. It is also clear that Muslims keep on getting a free pass where any of us – white, black or whatever – would not, in the same situation. If I threaten to behead my neighbour and the police, I would rightly end up in jail! So why not with Muslims?

The facts are clear – we have a massive, massive problem with our existing Muslim population. No-one is saying 100% of Muslims are potential rapists and terrorists – but clearly it is a fact that there is a significant proportion which refuses to contribute, refuses to abide by our laws, and sees Britain and its people as only good for abusing. My Polish friend says it is a massive racket – far too many Muslims know they can obtain pretty much anything from the state as long as they claim the magic words ‘racism’ or ‘refugee’. Can we really afford to give away more council homes, school and doctors places to people whose allegiance to this nation is iffy if not down right dodgy?

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Peterborough is now in essence a no-go zone to non-Muslims, as is Luton, and many other small towns are going the same way. Do we really think tens of thousands more Muslims will help this problem or make it worse?

Clearly – we should use our international clout to force those selfish Muslim nations to take in their brethren immediately – we can of course continue to send money in foreign aid and continue to fight for Syrians against ISIS – but there is simply no responsibility for us to take more Muslims, at a time when Muslims are killing us and sympathising with ISIS. It was only in June this year that 36 Britons were slaughtered on a beach in Tunisia – it is completely fanciful to expect ALL the tens of thousands of refugees some parties want to accept to be completely free of the Jihadi impulse so many of our UK-born Muslims have.

Our moral duty should be not just to Syrians but also to our own people – who are simply ignored in this matter as we are not being asked whether we want to allow thousands more Muslims into the country. Many people are worried about this – but keep quiet. It feels better to shout ‘Refugees Welcome!’ but far less nice to say – ‘What about our girls who were abused by Muslims – are they safe yet? Are all our elderly cared for properly? Can we afford medicine for our own people?’.

David Cameron should provide humanitarian aid to Syrians but demand Muslim nations take them in – not us. That is a simple solution which the emotive images we keep being shown detract from. It is far better for Muslims to stay in Muslim lands – since so many complain of disaffection and alienation when in the West. If things go wrong in the UK, we would surely not attempt to flee to Romania or Russia? We would surely opt for the closest nation – and conveniently for Syrians, their closest nations are Muslim. There is simply no real need for them to come here – I understand their wish to, as the West is far wealthier and more free than where they come from – but sadly for them, Muslim immigrants of past years have been guilty of plotting and killing us too many times for us to forget.

The truth about Muslim immigration to the UK:

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