Trump: Evidence Suggests Obama Protecting ISIS

by KIT DANIELSObama is a Muslim

The fact the Obama administration is leaving known ISIS training camps alone suggests the White House is protecting the terrorist group, according to presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“Well, you [as president] would knock the hell out of the training camps, that one’s a given, and it’s incredible we don’t do it [since] we know where they are,” he said on the Michael Savage Show. “It’s almost like, ‘are we protecting these people?’”

Trump is closer to the truth than he realizes; a secret U.S. government document obtained by Judicial Watch reveals the U.S. and other NATO nations deliberately backed al-Qaeda in Iraq, which morphed into ISIS, and other Islamic extremist groups to overthrow Syrian president Bashir al-Assad.

“The Salafist [sic], the Muslim Brotherhood and AQI [al-Qaeda in Iraq] are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria,” the Pentagon document stated. “The West, Gulf countries, and Turkey support [this] opposition, while Russia, China and Iran ‘support the [Assad] regime.’”

ISIS grew directly out of al-Qaeda in Iraq when the latter gained territory in Syria in 2013.

“On April 8, 2013, the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) – Al-Qaeda in Iraq – released a recorded audio message by its leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, in which he announced that the Syria jihadi group Jabhat Al-Nusra (JN) has been merely an extension of ISI [Islamic State of Iraq] in Syria,” the Middle East Media Research Institute reported. “…Al-Baghdadi announces that the names ISI and JN are not to be used anymore; instead, he declares the official merging of the two groups under the name ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham’ [also known as ISIS].”

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And Turkey’s prime minister, a U.S. and NATO ally, was caught shipping arms to al-Qaeda and ISIS via Syria-bound trucks operated by the country’s intelligence agency, according to Turkish military officials in early 2015.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu banned media from reporting on three of the trucks searched by the military’s Gendarmerie General Command, which discovered 45 to 55 missiles or rockets, 30 to 40 crates of ammunition, including mortar rounds, and Douchka anti-aircraft ammunition.

“The trucks were carrying weapons and supplies to the al-Qaeda terror organization,” a report by the Gendarmerie General Command stated.

Davutoglu also removed public prosecutor Aziz Takei from office for ordering the search and 13 soldiers involved were charged with espionage punishable with 20-year prison terms.

“Though the scandal is tearing the country apart, the government opted for its favorite tactic of covering it up,” Turkish journalist Fehim Ta?tekin reported. “A court in Adana banned written, visual and Internet media outlets from any reporting and commenting on the stopping of the trucks and the search.”

“All online content about the incident has been deleted.”

Except for one video, which is available here.


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  1. Here (link below) are Hillary’s and John McCain’s part in assisting terrorist aka Obama with his ISIS involvement support. Wouldn’t it be excellent and instructive reality TV if all 3 be eventually hanged together for their treasonous activities vis-a-vis their assistance of helping sworn enemies of the United States?

    John McCain And Hillary Clinton: Twin Birds Of A Criminal Terrorist Feather

  2. One of Donald Trump’s best persuasive assets is to maintain the offensive. I suggest that he put John McCain’s “obnoxious” daughter on the hot seat spot:

    Donald J. Trump [email protected]
    [email protected] was terrible on @TheFive yesterday. Angry and obnoxious, she will never make it on T.V. @FoxNews can do so much better!
    7:56 AM – 5 Sep 2015 · New Jersey, USA, United States
    1,4751,475 Retweets 3,1833,183 favorites

    My Reply:

    Nathan M. Bickel [email protected] 2m2 minutes ago
    @realDonaldTrump @MeghanMcCain @TheFive @FoxNews McCain’s daughter should answer questions about her father’s treason

  3. The McCain girl will defend her father, Fox job or no job.
    It’s natural for her to accept negativity concerning her father with bitterness no matter how she’d try controlling her demeanor. I doubt she’s significant to Fox News policy.
    Not too long ago, Obama drew one red line after another with Syria, lest we forget. At that time McCain and a few other elected officials became visitors to IS & Al Qaeda who were forces against Assad.
    Russia backs Assad, it has a Mediterranean naval base, courtesy of Assad. Russia therefore reinforces Assad.
    Both IS and Al Qaeda are Sunni-Muslim, Assad heads the Alawite persuasion, a part of Shia Islam which counts Iran as its strongest nation. Therefore Iran is a client of Russia and Assad’s Syria is a client of both Russia and Iran.
    It’s no secret that Turkey (Sunni) covets the land of Syria and slyly assists in any way to depose Assad. So, there is an ongoing slaughter of Syrians, based upon their respective Muslim religious sects.
    Turkey dreams of resurrecting the “Ottoman Empire” -Syria would be a start. Egypt has warned Turkey that it will never be part of any new Ottoman Empire.
    How does the USA figure in all of this? With Obama in the White House, he’s made a mockery of U.S. foreign policy. His regime has no concept of what it does, and this comes from him being far more focused upon his personal indulgences than not screwing up the Middle East.
    The American people are not the only ones hoping for Jan.2017 and a real President & Congress, the Middle-East also hopes for clarity that doesn’t exist today.
    I try to envision what the Obama voters actually think of all this, and have concluded that they don’t think.

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