Europe, meet your new Muslim neighbors; the Syrian refugees who aren’t refugees, and aren’t even Syrian

The black market for Syrian passports is booming! Swarms of Muslims from all over North Africa and the Middle East are buying up fake Syrian passports which they see as a winning ticket to the land of milk and honey – the EU welfare states – where the living is easy (and free), and the blonde haired young girls are ripe for the picking (or should we say raping?).

According to Der Spiegel news website, German police are currently checking the documents. Reportedly, there are real passports in the package along with fakes ones. The amount of seized passports has not been disclosed.

A demand for fake Syrian passports has increased as people who have forged Syrian passports and can speak Arabic are said to have good chances to receive asylum in Europe.

With all their basic needs – food, housing, healthcare, religion –  taken care of, these Muslim invaders will keep demanding more from the government, giving them time to form domestic Islamic armies from which they eventually will attack the host country and its citizens from within.

[youtube LSYdxggXrUw nolink]


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  1. The number of ISIS and members of other regiments of Taliban sporting suddenly acquired Syrian passports and entering Europe must be gladdening the hearts of the White Hice of the US and their Sunni (Petro Dollar) Pay masters who set the agenda more than five decades ago:

  2. The Trojan Horse This is not a refugee crisis but ? ?Hijrah?, Islamic doctrine of migration which is a form of stealth Jihad.
    ” And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on earth many locations and abundance. And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and his messenger, then death overtakes him, his reward has become incumbent upon Allah.And Allah is ever forgiving and merciful.” (Qur’an 4:100)

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