Iraqi Christian refugees from Muslim persecution protest proposed mosque ‘in Michigan’

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“One Chaldean speaker denounced the Muslims as ‘killers’ and warned that the Muslims will do to America ‘what they did in Iraq.’” This the jihad-enabling author Ray Hanania describes as “Islamophobia,” but the Chaldean speaker speaks from experience. Who can say that his or her experience is not valid? Who is Ray Hanania to ascribe their concerns to hatred and bigotry, breezily dismissing their harrowing memories — memories of persecution far more horrifying than anything any victim of “Islamophobia” has ever suffered? Who can say that Muslims will not do to America what they did in Iraq? Can Ray Hanania guarantee that won’t happen? Can Robert McCaw? Can anyone? If not, then after all they’ve been through, can anyone really blame these refugees for opposing a mosque?

Yet most Christian leaders in the U.S. would side with Hanania and dismiss these people as “Islamophobic bigots,” and demand that the mosque be approved, without any idea of what might be coming in the future.

“Community protests building of mosque in Detroit suburb,” by Ray Hanania, Arab Daily News, August 28, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Whenever the building of a mosque is proposed in an American community it automatically explodes into a heated public debate characterized by racist, anti-Muslim comments from “Americans” who claim that it will attract terrorism and undermine this country.

But a proposal to build a mosque in Sterling Heights, a suburb of Detroit Michigan, not only drew the same Islamophobia, but also had one unique aspect, a growing number of Middle East and Arabic speaking Christians who joined in protesting and demanding that the mosque plan, for a property located at 4935 15 Mile Road, should be blocked.

The mosque proposal was made by the American Islamic Community Center (AICC) based in the nearby suburb of Madison Heights more than a year ago to the Sterling Heights Planning Commission, but was presented to the public at a Planning Commission meeting on August 13.

Hundreds of people attended the Planning Commission, forcing the commission to delay the vote on the mosque for another month. The Planning Commission will reconsider the Mosque plan at its next meeting on September 10, 2015.

The proposal was raised again during the public comment segment at the end of the August 18, 2015 meeting of the Sterling Heights City Council meeting, where more than 25 people spoke against the mosque and only a few said it was disgraceful that with so many Christian Churches, that Muslims could not have a house of worship, too.

One speaker protesting against the mosque told the Sterling City Council board said when he identified himself at the Planning Commission meeting claimed that he was harassed and bullied after speaking out against the Mosque. Several other speakers said they are afraid to identify themselves and give their home addresses because of alleged retaliation.

Mayor Taylor said he would not require speakers to give their home addresses but they have to identify their names.

Speaker after speaker threatened the board members urging them to step in and take over the mosque proposal, although the mayor, Michael Taylor, said that the City Council has no authority over the plan, or face being thrown out of office int he next election. Taylor was appointed mayor to fill the remaining term of former Mayor Richard Notte, who was serving his 11th two-year term as the city’s mayor when he died on October 2014 at age 76 from pancreatic cancer.

The next election is November 2, 2015.

One Chaldean speaker denounced the Muslims as “killers” and warned that the Muslims will do to America “what they did in Iraq.”…

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