With Muslims masses comes mayhem in Germany

By Carol Brown

When the West imports masses of  Muslims, we get boatloads (quite literally) of hate.

Hate for us. And hate for other Muslims, as well.

And so we see unfolding exactly what Daniel Greenfield wrote about in Front Page Magazine when he said: “We aren’t taking in people fleeing the civil war. We’re taking in their civil war and giving it a good home.”

Indeed this is playing out across Europe, as when violence erupted between Turks and Kurds in Frankfurt, Germany on Thursday – violence so intense that the military was called in. This is what Germany has brought upon herself and what awaits us all if we do not say “no” to admitting more Muslims into our country. (Link to video, here.)


[youtube IHqcnS64iIw nolink]

Breitbart reports:

At least five arrests were made in Frankfurt on Thursday night after a march by supporters of Turkish nationalism descended into bloody violence when they clashed with rival Kurd separatists. Video of the riot has emerged on the same day Germany announced it will place 4,000 soldiers on standby over the weekend to help with a new wave of up to 40,000 refugees arriving in the country. (snip)…Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen…told Der Spiegel that she was placing the troops on alert with the expectation they could be asked to do more than just welcome the immigrant arrivals.

So Germany opens her borders to tens of thousands of “refugees” only to put thousands of soldiers on stand-by to “help” with this “new wave” while the Defense Minister tries to downplay the military’s role, as if they would normally be holding Welcome Wagon baskets, but now – oops! – they need to be in full riot gear, prepared “to do

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Welcome to your new Germany, Ms. von der Leyen. If you don’t wake up, there is more of this in store. Much more. Because it only gets worse when you import large numbers of Muslims.

Meanwhile, in Munich, the number of “asylum seekers” (sanitized language to describe Muslim invaders) that arrived this month so far already exceeds the total number for all of 2014. Reuters reports:

About 33,000 asylum seekers have arrived at Munich’s main railway station since the beginning of September, as many as in the whole of 2014, the district government of Upper Bavaria said on Wednesday.

On Wednesday alone, 4,000 had arrived by 5 p.m. (11 a.m. EDT), it said in a statement. Since the start of the year, more than 100,000 have poured in through the station, a hub from which the newcomers are transported to reception centers around Germany….

And if all that isn’t enough, there’s more to be had. (There’s always more when it comes to Muslim imports.) The AFP reports:

Muslim radicals in Germany are trying to recruit some of the growing numbers of asylum seekers reaching the country, according to intelligence services quoted by the German news agency DPA.

The Islamic extremists “are trying to approach the young unaccompanied refugees, who arrive in our country without their families and are particularly looking for contacts and support,” a spokesman for the intelligence service in the southern state of Bavaria told DPA.

He said many of the youths are approached around reception centres but also at Munich railway station where many of the asylum seekers have arrived from Hungary and Austria in recent days.

The Islamic extremists “want to take advantage of the insecurity and distress of the refugees,” he said.

On Tuesday, the intelligence services in North Rhine-Westphalia reported similar contacts in their region, noting that Islamic radicals were approaching asylum seekers through fake charities.

Well who would ever have predicted that? Devout Muslims (because that’s who “extremists” are) want to bring more into the fold? German Muslims recruiting new arrivals for the cause (cause = jihad)? I’ll bet Merkel never saw that coming! But not to worry. I’m sure Germany will simply deploy more troops to protect themselves from the threat they have just intentionally imported into their country.

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Until they run out of soldiers. And the threat is too great. And Germany is no more.

I share these stories because Germany is an example of where the United States is headed if we don’t change course quickly. But no such course correction appears on the horizon as the West welcomes the enemy with open arms. For this, we will continue to pay an increasingly heavy price.


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