Homeland Security Chairman:Reckless and dangerous policy” to accept 10,000+ Syrian migrants

The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee has urged that facilities are not in place to

properly vet refugees coming to the US from Syria and Iraq, and that it is a “reckless and dangerous policy” to accept at least 10,000 of them, as proposed by the Obama administration.

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Appearing on ABC News Sunday, Chairman Mike McCaul called the situation “a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions, blaming “a failed foreign policy in Syria with the inability to remove Assad from power and also the rise of ISIS.”

McCaul admitted he is worried about an influx of refugees, saying, “If I could be assured these people could be vetted properly I would be supportive.”

“The problem is the FBI testified before my committee, I’ve had Homeland Security officials and the intelligence community who all say to me that we don’t have the systems in place on the ground in Syria to properly vet these individuals,” McCaul stated.

“We don’t know who they are. I visited one of these camps in Jordan. The minister of security told me he doesn’t know who these people are,” the chairman added.

“But when you have the DNI, Mr. Clapper, express concerns and the FBI and Homeland privately as well saying that we don’t have the intelligence on the ground to vet these persons properly — that to me, my first and foremost job is to protect the American people,” he urged.

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“We are a compassionate nation. We have to deal with this crisis. But, you know, this is — could be a very reckless and dangerous policy,” McCaul noted.

Last week, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that all refugees attempting to enter the US would be “extensively screened.”

However, as alluded to by McCaul, senior FBI officials have recently said in congressional testimony that the resources are simply not there to effectively vet every refugee coming into the country.

ISIS extremists claimed earlier this year that they would attempt to export 500,000 terrorists under the guise of being refugees.

“Until we address the root cause of the problem there, we are going to continue to have a refugee crisis globally….From a national security standpoint, I take ISIS at its word when they said in their own words that we’ll use and exploit the refugee crisis to infiltrate the west. That concerns me,” McCaul concluded.

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