Australia Says Christian Only Refugee’s

The Syrian people are not targeted for death. The only such targets in the Middle East are Christians and Yazidis, every one of whom should most definitely be allowed into Europe the United States and Australia.

Calls by Australian Parliament members for Christians to be given priority among Syrian refugees as they are the persecuted group needing the most assistance.

The employment minister, Eric Abetz, said on Tuesday that Christians in the Middle East were “the most persecuted group in the world” and should be favoured if Australia increases its intake of fleeing Syrians.

Another frontbencher, Barnaby Joyce, made similar comments on Friday, telling ABC Radio that many in the region were also being persecuted, but it was “the reality [that] the future of Christianity in that area is over”.

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The poor Syrian Christians should have first priority everywhere, and those willing to convert to Christianity should be second.


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