A chilling video of the Future of ‘Europe’ in 2029

The Future of Europe:

For anyone who has not seen the chilling video ‘Europe in 2029,’ please watch it below. Then watch the second video,

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‘France in 2015’ and you will be shocked to see how quickly Europe is being broken apart as a result of an unprecedented immigration jihad by armies of Muslim invaders/freeloaders posing as refugees.

Is It 2029 In France Already?


[youtube H7KxMq1fcY4 nolink]

FRANCE IN 2015  (yea right now)

[youtube ULCrmGKft2U nolink]

Muslims rampage through Paris – Civil war has started in France. Highly disturbing footage’s of violent Muslims rampaging through Paris. As you can see the police only keep the scum at bay, letting them destroy everything on their way. The socialist are colluding with the Muslims, what are are seeing now is a second french revolution. Its about to be a bloodbath, unless people take action they will be the next target.

I cannot see how Europe is ever going to survive this now…now that they have already let these people in.. How can they possibly get rid of them? They are trapped. They have trapped themselves.. Especially Germany… and France is not doing well either… Such foolishness to allow this to happen..

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