Muslim Micro Wars Already Unfolding Across Europe

In Sweden….

“In a sign of increasing unrest that continues to unfold across Europe, Muslims have brought their wars from the middle east to Europes doorstep.  Turks and Kurds have taken to the streets of Sweden to fight one another, with makeshift explosive devices, and an outpouring of physical violence.

In Germany..

Last Thursday it was Germany’s turn, when Frankfurt police had to intervene in clashes between Turkish nationalists and Kurdish separatists.

Now immigrants from both sides of that battle are carrying their fight onto the streets of Frankfurt.

Meanwhile, Germany will mobilise 4,000 soldiers in the next 48-hours to help with the entry of up to 40,000 refugees in the country.

And Switzerland ….

“Kurds and Turks went to war on the street of Europe once again today. A group of Kurdish independence supporters leaving a rally in the Swiss town of Bern were rammed by a car allegedly driven by a supporter of Turkish nationalism. Two are thought to have died, with twenty injured.

Europe already becoming a cesspool Islamic hellhole from Islamic immigration. Next year who knows what Europe will look like.

Isn’t multiculturalism beautiful?

[youtube vbfJbliHWJA nolink]

[youtube ULCrmGKft2U nolink]



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  1. The EU has fractured the meaning of national sovereignty to the degree that the nations involved cannot reach an accord that in fact, Islam eats away at the entire EU, even if certain nations do their utmost to keep Muslims out. These same nations which reject Muslims are in the same boat that other nations, allowing entry to Muslims, are in.
    They are all threatened and had better unite against the common enemy, political correctness must be forgotten, it’s no crime to fight for one’s country. Europe has appeased once too often, it didn’t care to exercise its military forces, it thought if it was “giving,” the Muslims would become peace-like. Now, the EU has a Muslim guerilla army

  2. Sorry, my PC jumped and comment was cut-off.

    Now, the EU has a Muslim guerilla army in its territory and it looks to be worse. 70+% of these newly-arrived Muslims are ages 18-30, most of the arrivals were such males of the age groups noted. They are not going to behave, they won’t assimilate. They have been indoctrinated that Muslims should have what they want. And, all they want is this world.

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  4. Any similarity between “Stan Lee” comments and a Sept. 27,2015 scatter-brained attempt to avoid making any sense, which coincidentally uses the name of author as “Lee,” is purely accidental.

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