SHOCK: 35 MILLION refugees headed for Europe, The EU is Unprepared

The huge figure was revealed today by Hungary’s minister for foreign affairs and trade Peter Szijjártó.

Speaking as the country begins work on its second fence to stop migrants heading across its border he predicted the current crisis will continue for years.

It’s a self delusion to call this situation a migration crisis; it is a massive migration of nations, with inexhaustible reserves.

“I don’t think that the analysis results, stating that 30-35 million people out there could possibly become migrants, would be an exaggeration.

“Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are all countries with a huge population and an extremely unstable situation.”

The EU heads of state and government are expected to deliver a message that the Union cannot absorb any more mass arrivals of migrants, as they risk undermining it economically, and destroying it politically.

The EU message is to traffickers, with EU leaders making it clear that “their business model would be destroyed”. It is expected that the the summit will authorise EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini to immediately begin preparations for a possible security and defence policy operation against human traffickers in Libya and Turkey.

The message will be for migrants, whom the EU will try to discourage from coming to Europe. “Europe has its limits, the individual member states, the individual societies have their limits,” a diplomat said, adding that further arrivals of migrants are unsustainable economically and risk destroying the EU.

Europe is not responsible for the situation, it should be very clear.

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said refugees streaming into Europe should not be able to choose where to settle, as authorities said thousands more were on the move across the continent on Sunday.

In an interview with German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, de Maiziere said refugees given protection in Europe should accept that they will be distributed across the bloc

“We can’t allow refugees to freely choose where they want to stay – that’s not the case anywhere in the world,” he said.

Tensions are rising in Germany, where states have complained about the growing burden of coping with Europe’s worst refugee crisis in decades.

German EU Commissioner Guenter Oettinger told newspaper Welt am Sonntag thatGermany should reduce benefits for asylum seekers to reduce the numbers coming across its borders.

“Payments to asylum seekers in Germany need to be adjusted so that there is a certain rapprochement to the payments in other EU countries,” he said.

“We need a certain harmonization of the cash benefits for asylum seekers in Europe because if the difference within the EU, it could create the wrong incentives,” he added.

Since Aug. 31 around 63,000 refugees have arrived in Munich and Hillenbrand said the city could not continue taking in such numbers. Around 1,400 refugees arrived on Sunday morning.

“It’s not feasible for us to take in the equivalent of a small town’s population every day. It’s simply not doable logistically anymore,” he said.

In the meanwhile an ISIS report, recovered by Libyan media, reveals that the Islamic State would be aiming at Libya “to get to Europe,” overrunning it with migrants to “turn it into hell.” According to the report, ISIS considers “illegal immigration” to be a privileged channel of access to the Old Continent.

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