Trump Blasts Media: Not My Job to Defend Obama From Rumors Hillary Clinton Started

trump-1Treating this stupid media controversy like it deserves to be treated, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump took to Twitter to wrist-flick away the latest bubbled, leftwing mainstream media frenzy. Early Saturday morning The Donald tweeted, “Am I morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? I don’t think so!”

More common sense and humor soon followed:

After a questioner at an open forum Trump held Thursday attacked President Obama for being a Muslim, our utterly useless and out-of-touch media ginned up a non-troversy over the fact that Trump blew the guy off. According to our Obama-loving media, Trump was obligated to tell tell the guy off and vouch for the president’s patriotism and Christian faith.

The media also believe that Trump is responsible for  a supporter misled by Hillary Clinton. For it was Hillary Clinton who planted the first seeds of the Birther/Obama-Is-A-Muslim conspiracy back in 2008.

This is a documented fact.

Not only is our Islamophobic media acting like being misidentified as a Muslim is a slur, what everyone’s forgetting is that Obama might be a much better man were he in fact a Muslim. If nothing else, Obama would not have spent 20 years in Jeremiah Wright’s creepy, racist Christian church.

To protect Obama, the media ignores the homeless, the unemployed, the under-employed, the EPA disaster in Colorado, the men who died and risked their lives for Obama’s precious “hero” Bowe Bergdahl …

…And now the media’s Obama protection racket is so overblown they demand Republicans defend hillary-300x212Obama from rumors started by Hillary Clinton.

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  1. Just read the NY Times article out last weekend where the GOP Big Donors and Special Interest want Trump stopped at any cost. By at any cost I mean they are thinking aabout forming a Super Pac to Attack Trump only.

    Trump is not a Bought and Paid Puppet that is at the beck and call of the GOP Big Donors. They want a Puppet that will do as they are told once in the White House.

    The news Agencies including CNN, Fox News are giving air time to GOP strategists bought and paid for by Special Interest to smear Trump.

    Just this week a Bush Super Pac is spending 24 million to smear Trump, It is not because they like Bush, it is because what they will be able to get from him.

    Hundreds of Millions have been invested to get one their bought candidates into the White House.

    The attack ads and magazine articles by these Special Interest groups and donors over the next 15 months will be Vicious.
    Vote Trump and tell the Big Donors, CNN, Fox News, Special Interest, and Super Pacs to stick it!!!

    Get on the Trump Express!!!!
    The Press will be Vicious!!!!!! and make anything an Issue!!!!

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  2. Well done, Mr. Trump. So glad you didn’t cave in to such obviously manufactured outrage.

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