No Respect For The Dead As Muslim Invaders Set Up Camp In A Christian Cemetery

Is anyone surprised that Muslim invaders who hate Christians anyway would think nothing of desecrating a Christian cemetery with their trash and garbage?

[youtube CcdgMnOSx1A nolink]

Attacking police on Hungary border

[youtube CSnY1vtrlrA nolink]

Taking over a whole train – Macedonia

[youtube T3YeFWRyf80 nolink]

Fight to get inside of a train like Barbarians

[youtube lC49dglocrg nolink]

THIS IS WAR – Illegal Immigrants Dragging People from Cars Killing and Raping

[youtube 4wANstzYN3Q nolink]

Nostradamus also predicted that a Muslim in the Middle East will rise to invade Europe and bring terror to all humanity, which means he will be a global terrorist and he may be the leader of the coming Islamic empire:

One who the infernal gods of Hannibal
Will cause to be reborn, terror of mankind
Never more horror nor worse of days
In the past than will come to the Romans through Babel. (C2 Q30)


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