Mark Levin on John Boehner’s Resignation: ‘It’s a Good Day, But Here’s the Problem…’

Conservative commentator and radio talk show host Mark Levin warns that conservatives shouldn’t grow complacent after House Speaker John Boehner’s resignation.

Boehner, R-Ohio, announced Friday that he will resign both his position as speaker and his seat in Congress at the end of October.

“It’s a great day,” said Levin, speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., on Saturday morning. “But here’s the problem: They’re like zombies. There’s one after the other, after the other, after the other, and they just sort of replace each other with the next one in line. So it’s good news, but I, and I think you, are concerned about the next step. So who replaces John Boehner?”

“I don’t mean to be offensive, but Kevin McCarthy? Really?”

“I’m concerned that the Republicans don’t learn their lessons on Capitol Hill,” Levin continued.

Levin said that the Republican establishment sees conservatives as people who have to be “managed” and “messaged” to.

“And I want Eric Cantor to know, since he came out of Manhattan over the weekend in order to defend his friend John Boehner, I want you to know something, Mr. Cantor: We fully understand how our government works. We fully understand that you guys just have the House and the Senate, and we fully understand that when the Democrats just have the House and the Senate, and there’s a Republican president, somehow, they know what to do, somehow, they get things done. Your day has passed, get out of the way, and let some energetic conservatives who really mean what they say do what they need to do.”

Levin said the establishment of the Republican Party is more than willing to cede the budget battle over Planned Parenthood funding to President Barack Obama.

“Don’t tell us that we’re not going to shut down the government,” Levin said. “You put those bills on his desk and let him shut down the government.”

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