MASSIVE BACKLASH BEGINS! Anti-Muslim hatred in Germany intense, Migrants want to go home

The EU’s relentless dumping of hundreds of thousands of unscreened Muslim illegal aliens and potentially dangerous Islamic jihadists from Syria, has caused a not-unexpected surge in anti-Muslim ‘racism.’ (What ‘race’ is Islam?)?

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In Germany, the backlash has become so extreme, that many Muslims want to go back home as the growing anti-Islam movement has resulted in multiple attacks on the Muslim illegals.

The nation has been gripped by a spate of large and growing anti-Islamization rallies, violence, and arson attacks against refugee homes or would-be shelters as hundreds of thousands of Muslims are being dumped into the country.

This year has already seen about 200 arson and other attacks against refugee housing while support for anti-Muslim movement, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA), has been growing.

The growing tensions between citizens and refugees mean some asylum seekers are so scared of attacks they are considering going home. Taher arrived in Germany a month ago, risking his life to fleeing the atrocities of war-torn Syria and making the long, difficult journey across the Mediterranean.

But in a shocking admission, the 27-year-old said he had already been attacked by a gang, who piled out of a car and hit him, and has had enough of the xenophobia he has experienced in Germany. ‘I want to return to Syria – very afraid here,’ he said in broken English this week, speaking outside a refugee centre in the small eastern town of Freital, which has gained national notoriety for ugly protests against asylum seekers.

He also showed a letter, written in German and Arabic, showing he had withdrawn his application for political asylum. ‘I come from Syria because I was afraid – but here big afraid,’ said Taher, who did not want to give his full name, speaking in halting English.

Germany is currently struggling to cope with a record influx of Muslim illegal aliens with 500,000 expected this year, from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, African nations and recession-stricken Balkan countries.

At the end of last year, Chancellor Angela Merkel was forced to call on Germans to turn their backs on the growing anti-Muslim movement which she condemned as racist and full of hatred, and said Europe’s biggest economy must welcome people fleeing conflict and war. But that hasn’t stopped rapid growing support for PEGIDA’s marches where rallies peaked early this year at 25,000 – 35,000.

Leading the charge in Freital, near Dresden, is one of PEGIDA’s clone groups, which goes by the localised acronym of FRIGIDA and pledges online that ‘our town will stay clean – Freital is free’. The small town, in what was once communist East Germany, has become a symbol of the upsurge in hostility and has seen shouting matches and clashes between pro- and anti-asylum activists since June.

This week, tensions escalated when unknown assailants blew up the unoccupied car of a pro-refugee politician of the far-left Linke party, Michael Richter. The Die Linke parliamentary group released a statement after the bombing in front of Mr Richter’s home which said: ‘The rule of law cannot stand idly by the increasing violence against refugees and against people like Michael Richter, who take a stand for the well-being of refugees.’

A spokesman for the group added that the politician had often been threatened for his work, by anti-Islamization groups. ‘The situation is becoming increasingly tense… Freital is deeply divided,’ said Steffi Brachtel, 40, who helps organise anti-FRIGIDA rallies.

German actor Til Schweiger, who starred in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds also became a target of abuse on social media after he posted an appeal for people in Hamburg to donate clothing and toys for refugee. While in April, a Kurdish student from Syria was shot by neo-Nazis in the German city of Leipzig.

Dresden – a magnet for neo-Nazi groups embittered by the city’s war-time destruction – again made headlines last week when far-right thugs attacked Red Cross staff setting up a tent city for 800 mostly Syrian refugees.

In protests against the imminent arrival of 280 Muslim refugees outside a converted hotel, neo-Nazis raised their arms in Hitler salutes, mingling in larger crowds of people shouting ‘criminal foreigners’ and ‘asylum seeker pigs’. Stickers on lampposts advise the refugees to ‘keep fleeing’, with the English-language message ‘Refugees not welcome’.

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