Was Islamic Terrorism Behind the Oregon Shooting Today?

This is a very disturbing development. In a majority of the Islamic attacks, the killer asks the religion and kills the non-Muslims (i.e., Tunisia beach massacre, Mumbai terror attack, BP gas complex, Westgate mall…)  ISIS in the past weeks ask asked for Muslims to attack citizens in the USA

The man who opened fire at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College on Thursday is dead, Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin told reporters.

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We know he is 20 years old and we can make a reasonable assumption he was not white as the media would have been headlining his white skin color on every news source by now.  They know his name but so far have been slow to release it meaning there is a high probability the shooter was a Muslim.

Interestingly, Alek Skarlatos the American that helped stop the Islamic terrorist on the train in France, well he is from Roseberg, Oregon and attended this community college.  This could be an attack on his hometown as payback for Alek taking down the French train Muslim terrorist .

The latest is student say the college gunman entered class, asked people to state their religion then started shooting. The gunman shot the teacher and asked others in her classroom about their religion before spraying more bullets.

Witnesses are saying the shooting may have started in Larry Levine’s writing or speech class in Snyder Hall. The surname of “Levine” is typically a Jewish surname.

The gunman entered her classroom and told people to get on the ground.

Moore says the man started asking people to stand up and state their religion and then opened fire.

The shooting left 13 people dead and at least 20 injured.

Why are they not telling us who the shooter is?


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