Obama’s 5 years of Failure

Ashton Carter the milk-toast US Secretary of War has no military or diplomatic experience at all. He has no idea what he’s talking about in any area of government or the military whatsoever: He never served in any branch of the military and yet Obamanation and the congress have appointed Carter to a post that is trying to refute the success of Russia’s first day of Air Strikes, in a nation where the USSA and their collaborating thugs have been running wild for the last five years—with absolutely nothing to show for their pathetic criminal efforts.

Except of course the nearly total destruction of Syria.

Which is why Syria asked for Russia’s help to rid Syria of all

these Outlaws.

The position of the United States Secretary of Offense is a job for a man, not a mouse. And his partner in this crime is a totally star-crossed failure called John Kerry whose colossal failures as ‘Secretary of State’ have become legendary. The entire US contingent from our Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, to the Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, to the mouse, Ashton Carter along with Kerry are all without ethics or qualifications of any kind.

The entire USSA ‘administration’ frequently lies, sometimes twice in the same day about the same supposed ‘story’. In this case wherein the world needs effective action, not more of their Double-Speak propaganda and direct contradictions about policies and traitors that have always masqueraded as allies, consistently for the last fifteen years, what is needed is a brand new set of polices that the Russian Air Offensive will usher in.

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That’s why the world can no longer believe anything that the USSA says About anything that happens, anywhere in the world today!

In Iraq, then in Libya and now in Syria the same pack of lies has been used to buttress the military and financial blackmail which was used by The USSA to evict the leadership of those countries, followed by extermination of the nations they represented: Syria however has a world-class partner in this fight. Syria’s partner in this war is Russia which is the only other power on the globe that Assad and the sovereign government of Syria have invited in to help Syria defeat the invaders, of all stripes, that have been chewing on the dying corpse of Syria for almost five years now—without being able to finish their genocide of the people in Syria.

The world finds itself in this beleaguered position, because to date, the international community NATO and the UN in particular have been all words and no guts, time after time. The West must shut-up and reverse course on Syria, or face the global-consequences…

The Russian Air offensive will wipe out the mice from the West, Saudi Arabia,NATO and Turkey that have infected Syria, to this point in time. It is this cabal of conflicted-states that will be expelled by Russia in the air and Syria on the ground over the next 30 days. The bombing that began just yesterday will bring a much needed reality to the war-torn ground that is Syria today: Thanks almost exclusively to the USSA and the obscenity of their international duplicity.

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Consequently; for the Outlaws to try to snatch defeat from the first day of airstrikes against them, is clearly nothing but more lies to keep the Russians the Iranians and the Syrians from successfully smashing the illegal bombing campaign of the evil West and all its pathetic camp-followers.


In the near future the world is going to have to deal with George Soros and his White Helmets, that have decided to cut themselves into the current conflict by publishing articles and images without accreditation: That, in a war that could decide the fate of the planet is not something the world can tolerate any further. We saw what Soros did with his disingenuous Color-Revolutions that kicked off the destruction of the entire Middle East, after the USSA did Shock and Awe to Baghdad in 2003: The world should put an end to this lizard-person this time—as the planet cannot afford any more of his lies, that have always attempted to tip the balance of the world toward global-annihilation…


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