Racism in Seattle “No Whites Allowed” in Yoga Class

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A yoga studio in Seattle is accused of promoting racial discrimination by holding special sessions which explicitly exclude “whites.”  What is very concerning is many such racist groups such as these modern day versions of the Klu Klux clan are actually acceptable by some leftist groups.

This Racist Organization called Rainier Beach Yoga is located in Seattle it allowes “five queer people of color” to create a special class entitled “yoga for people of color,” an exclusionary yoga session whose rules expressly forbid “white people” from attending, reports KIRO radio host Dori Monson.

The class reportedly welcomes people of any body shape, size, gender, or yoga experience, according to an email blast received by a KIRO listener, that’s unless your white.

Shocking the business states: “White friends, allies and partners are respectfully asked not to attend,” the email, which the radio host says was also sent to him by the listener, specifically states.

Racist hater named Teresa Wang is one of the co-founders of the class, was asked what were to happen if a white person were to attend. This is what the bigot said:

“Well, it’s a class for people of color, so he would be coming to that class knowing that we’re really clear about who we are asking to come to class, so…I’m not really sure because it hasn’t happened to us,” Wang said, who iterated the class was about making “people of color” feel comfortable. “So I don’t really know.”

If the roles were to be reversed, according to Morrison, and a “whites only” session were to be held, people would lose their shit.

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“It would be a lead story on national news,” Morrison said. “It would be blared across all the websites about the racist yoga class in Seattle. And the fact is, this yoga class is every bit as racist as a bunch of white people who say they don’t want to be around somebody of color.”

MyNorthwest.com reports the radio host plans to hold the Washington State Attorney General to his promise to prosecute businesses which “discriminate against a specific group of people.

“Now we’re gonna find out if my instincts about the attorney general and about our state government [are right] — using the power of government to go after the Christian florist in the Tri-Cities who didn’t want to do the gay wedding ceremony. Will they also go after the yoga studio that discriminates against people based on their skin color?” Morisson asked.

Not surprising it this racism is alive again perpetrated by the Democratic party the party with a lng history of racism. It was the Democratic party that implemented Jim Crow laws, and even slavery against blacks. Today blacks are not the targets of the Democrats racism, it is whites and the racism is rampant. When will the Democratic party with a long history of racism learn to just treat everyone as equals? Can liberals look past ones skin color,

Race was used as a political tool in the Middle Ages, as it was in Colonial America, and is today with he left. Suddenly we believed we could know things about a person solely based on the color of their skin.

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Statistics show whites are actually minorities worldwide, According to that same United Nations document, the world population in the year 2000 consisted of 3,051,099,000 men and 3,005,616,000 women, which (with a little rounding) breaks down to 50 men and 50 women in a population of 100.

70 would be non-white
30 would be white

Here are other examples of racism in against whites that are openly accepted by many racist bigots on the left.

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Liberal inclusiveness agenda by making any child or adult feel ashamed of their skin color.

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