Bavaria threatens ‘self-defense to limit migration’ in challenge to Angela Merkel

It appears increasingly clear that Germany has set the stage for next world war in Europe.

But make no mistake, this time the German people are not down with the mein herr.

Bavaria threatens ‘self-defence to limit migration’ in challenge to Angela Merkel”, The Telegraph, October, 9, 2015
If the flow of migrants and refugees is not limited, Bavaria threatens to go to court to solve the crisis

Bavaria is threatening to take unilateral action to turn back asylum-seekers at the border in a direct challenge to Angela Merkel’s refugee policy.

Horst Seehofer, the Bavarian prime minister, said in an interview the state would take “self-defence measures to limit migration”.

The Bavarian state cabinet met on Friday to discuss measures that Mr Seehofer told Bild newspaper would include “sending people back to the border with Austria”.

It is not clear how Bavaria could implement such a policy, as the German borders come under the control of the federal government. Mrs Merkel has made it clear she intends to keep letting the refugees in.

After the meeting, Joachim Herrmann threatened to take the government to court. “We have agreed that if the federal government does not take effective steps soon to limit the continued flow of asylum seekers … Bavaria reserves the right to go to the Constitutional Court,” the Bavarian interior minister said.

Bavarian officials stopped short of a threat to close the border with Austria, but Mr Herrmann added: “If respect of EU standards as set out in Dublin and Schengen is not restored immediately then the German government must take the decision to turn away refugees at the border.”

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Any attempt by Bavaria to set up its own border patrols would probably be illegal. The Austrian government reacted angrily to the threat, saying Bavaria had given it no warning.


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  1. Bavaria does a Texas. About time too. Before the insanity of Angela Merkel and her bosses, the US-Islamic axis, Turn Germany into another India.

  2. Today came the comment of Dutch political figure Geert Wilders. Mr. Wilders suggested that EU females should have the right of self-defense against mad-dog Muslim attacks.

    In the case where a nation decides that its people, not only its women, should be able to defend themselves, the best solution would be various nations adoption of the Second Amendment appearing in the U.S. Constitution.

    Many of these Muslims attack because they realize they can do so with impunity. If they took mortal risk, such attacks would either slow down or come to a stop.
    Without risk to attackers, look upon their actions as their option to behave the way they do.

    Most of them want no real pain, maiming, or death from victim defense. Their type of jihad is done out of full knowledge they can “get away with it.” Many of the fine semi-automatic pistols, with copious ammunition magazines, are of European manufacture. How convenient if people have the freedom to carry weapons after proper instruction is achieved. Their own industries provide them to the world.

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