U.S. airdrops ammunition to Syrian Rebel terrorist with Al Qaeda links

U.S. forces airdropped small arms ammunition and other supplies to Syrian Arab terrorist, barely two weeks after Russia raised the stakes in the long-running civil war by intervening on the side of President Bashar al-Assad.

One military official said the drop, by Air Force C-17 cargo planes in northern Syria on Sunday, was part of a revamped U.S. strategy announced last week to help rebel terrorist in Syria battling the Islamic State militants.

They had similar programs in the early 1990’s to fund terrorist against the Russians in Afghanistan, here is an old forgotten new clip from that time featuring USA peace keeper “OSAMA BIN LADEN”.

Must we continue making the same mistakes?

This article from Dec. 6, 1993, by Robert Fisk of The Independent with the title “Anti-Soviet warrior puts his army on the road to peace” is stunning to consider 22 years later.

Russia has made an offer to Obama to fight ISIS together, Obama so far has refused the offer and now instead continues to Arm terrorist against Russia leading toward World War III!  Obama seems to prefer an Islamic State takeover of Damascus to any cooperation with Putin’s Russia.

Even the liberal biased New York Times has admitted that they’re all Jihadists that Obama is arming.

This was the end result of the USA arming and assisting that “peace keeper” against the Russian’s the last time around.



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